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Just for a moment: Let's think of small change

Stop! think for a moment! Would you be reading this post, would there be no electricity. Can you imagine what would it be like without electricity. Can you imagine how far we have come with electricity. Now, imagine the whole lot of things that surround electricity. Its very vast, unthinkable and unimaginative.
we have always neglected what it seems to think for a moment and I believe that consciousness of a moment is all that is required to change something. However that 'consciousness' should be followed-up.
Recently, one of my friends showcased a video on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. The video was all about "Saving Water"-how much we use water to wash our hand and flush our western toilets. He measured that  approximately 18 seconds is required to wash our hands (without using soap) and flushing needed staggering 18 litres if water at one full flush. OMG!!! this is very bad. He suggested to do half-flush, so that some water is conserved. In the same lines, the…