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Movie Review: Life of Pi (2012)

Directed by Ang Lee and based on a bestselling novel of same name by Canadian author Yann Martel. This  is a must watch movie this Winter. I personally  believe that young audience will love it more.

Pi  the protagonist is an Indian guy, who survives a ship wreckage in which whole of his family was travelling along with many animals that the family depended upon as a source of livelihood while in India. As the the scope of keeping a Zoo, which the Pi family owns, diminishes the family plans to move to Canada after selling animals in North America. The family voyage meets misfortune, ship wrecks due to heavy turbulence on the sea. Everything turns mess. Pi negotiates with Ship crews to save the animals, but they do not.Pi, a Zebra, A Hyena and a tiger are on a Life boat, they float away from the wreckage. Meanwhile Hyena grows arrogant and kills the Zebra and Orangutan.

Only Pi and Tiger survive and pass many days together. Pi helps tiger to survive by occasionally catchi…

the Height of bribery :): an unusual experience.

My free e-dictionary Wordweb provides me meaning of 'bribery' in this way- "The practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage". And most of us are aware of this, but I believe many of us might have paid bribe for licit advantage also like getting a driving license done among others. Some might have not paid bribe directly to govt. servant, but to a middle man, who is often called an "agent". Agent is always a man who gives us paid-help, thus help can be purchased. :)
Now let me tell you an incident. I live in a hostel, which has total nine floors, but has very poor lifts (two). And I happen to occupy one room in the ninth floor. Many times I have to reach my room marching more than 120 on stairs at-least and sometimes also  have walk down. More than 120 stairs...lately I have counted that.
Well, as usual,yesterday, I stood near the lift. Pressed the "down arrow" button, which summons the lift from wherever i…

Travelling by BUS

Sometimes I feel having one's own vehicle to travel is far better than boarding crazily stuffed public buses. But we mass public cannot afford to have our own vehicle, thus "public transport" on the roads. I know using these buses is a best practice that human being can today adopt for the following reasons- save the fast depleting fossil fuels, helping environment, avoiding snail-ing traffic (if Car owners leave their cars behind ), and also save one's hard earned money.
But, why haven't been we able to make the so-called 'public transport'-a public friendly one-that has comfort to 'travel with ease' at least. I feel the only way to encourage or rather motivate more people in using the public transport is to make the transport system itself more comfortable. This will also attract people using cars and bikes consequently lessening the number of private vehicles in our roads which translates to less traffic and the ripple effect continues to reac…

I call it biblio-nostalgia, What about you?

Have you every had a chance to visit an old public library ? Most of you might have and surfed though the wooden rakes. You might have flipped pages of old classics like "Pride and Prejudice" and kept it back, due to some oldies fungus smell that might have transported you to the time when your grandfather read you stories. He might have been holding a old book that time having had a similar biblio-nostalgic smell.
The advent of e-books era has made us to rather prefer and afford so as to look fancy and more importantly to resemble as a IT-Savvy guy, more privileged than the generation that read only the paper printed books and also a pro-environment guy, who doesn't support cutting of trees to produce paper.
Have you sometimes visited Darya Ganj on Sundays? The Netaji Subash Marg  hosts used-books market every Sunday. Ah! You are lucky if you happen to buy the book you came intended. After looking hundreds of books you may suddenly stumble upon Joseph Konrad's &quo…