I call it biblio-nostalgia, What about you?

Have you every had a chance to visit an old public library ? Most of you might have and surfed though the wooden rakes. You might have flipped pages of old classics like "Pride and Prejudice" and kept it back, due to some oldies fungus smell that might have transported you to the time when your grandfather read you stories. He might have been holding a old book that time having had a similar biblio-nostalgic smell.

The advent of e-books era has made us to rather prefer and afford so as to look fancy and more importantly to resemble as a IT-Savvy guy, more privileged than the generation that read only the paper printed books and also a pro-environment guy, who doesn't support cutting of trees to produce paper.

Have you sometimes visited Darya Ganj on Sundays? The Netaji Subash Marg  hosts used-books market every Sunday. Ah! You are lucky if you happen to buy the book you came intended. After looking hundreds of books you may suddenly stumble upon Joseph Konrad's "The Heart of Darkness"; your heart will fill with happiness and will start overflowing with the same. You cant resist yourself from touching it, flipping through it, and virtually highlight some lines you liked most. You will feel you are again that young literature student, who had purchased Konrad's book out of his pocket allowance and sold it right after the annual examination season was over. Your junior might have paid you almost fifty percent less than the MRP printed on the back cover of the book right below the crazy barcode, which was of no meaning to you then. Today, touching the Konrad's book make you feel guilty- "Why did I sold that book" and you feel like making a second purchase of Konrad's book that is now on your palm. And suddenly you are reminded by your friend who has been uptil this time was enjoying 10 rupees plate sliced-salted-pineapple chunks, that you had come here to buy book on Print Journalism.

You feel disturbed, you are in dilemma now, you know you'll leave Delhi and work somewhere else. You may not come again to this Sunday Bib-Bazaar again. So, you are at the critical moment where you need to make a really important decision. The decision is ant-sized but has elephant-sized importance.

You decide, you have paid the poor bookseller some 120 rupees after a 16 minutes bargain, your purchase has made the bookseller smile for a while. He feels he sold the book to you at a best deal and you on the other hand feel the same.

You move on, sweat has dominated your face. You feel tired, thirsty, and bored now. Your feel water in the armpit. The deodorant you has used early in the morning has lost its fragrance, rather you get smell of ballooned bhature and poori from a nearby stall whose owner has very large belly.You do not like the smell, you hate it, you remember how frequently you had visited toilet the last time you had had your luncheon at one of the galis in Chawri Bazaar.

So...the story continues...give your suggestions


  1. Nice article :)
    This happens every time every moment with me! But then this realizes me that Indians are prone to be like this. Whenever I pass a book stall or a book vendor, my legs pause for a second or two; sometimes I even grab a book just to have a glimpse of it and later find myself moving on..because of a second thought.

  2. Thank you Ya Mini. Glad that you loved reading the article...and similar things happens to you.


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