Movie Review: Life of Pi (2012)

Directed by Ang Lee and based on a bestselling novel of same name by Canadian author Yann Martel. This  is a must watch movie this Winter. I personally  believe that young audience will love it more.

Pi  the protagonist is an Indian guy, who survives a ship wreckage in which whole of his family was travelling along with many animals that the family depended upon as a source of livelihood while in India. As the the scope of keeping a Zoo, which the Pi family owns, diminishes the family plans to move to Canada after selling animals in North America. The family voyage meets misfortune, ship wrecks due to heavy turbulence on the sea. Everything turns mess. Pi negotiates with Ship crews to save the animals, but they do not.Pi, a Zebra, A Hyena and a tiger are on a Life boat, they float away from the wreckage. Meanwhile Hyena grows arrogant and kills the Zebra and Orangutan.

Only Pi and Tiger survive and pass many days together. Pi helps tiger to survive by occasionally catching him fish and feeding water. Pi claims that he is surviving only because of the tiger.

Time comes when both are very tired and both surrender to die. But their fate has other thing stored for them. They reach a floating island in the middle of the sea. Pi wakes up by surprise and struggles to eat anything he gets. He gains energy and starts exploring the beautiful island. He swims in a beautiful pond and makes a makeshift sleeping arrangement on a branch of a tree.  During the night he discovers something very unusual. He sees that the pond underneath the branch he was sleeping had turned 'acidic' by night and the fishes melted due to the acidity of the water. And then he saw and plucks fruit like flower from  the tree, he opens it layer after layer only to discover a human tooth. He instantly decides to move away from the island.

Tiger and Pi travel on...

Finally, one day they reach shore of Mexico...Pi falls on the beach, energy-less. Tiger alights the life boat and starts moving on towards nearby forest. Pi looks on. He expects that the tiger will look back, at-least once. But to a total surprise, it never does. Pi's heart breaks. He is dominated by agony. He remembers his father, who once had said him that "tiger is animal, it is not like human".

Pi is treated at a hospital. Meanwhile Japanese officials come and inquire him about the 'cause of wreckage'. He retells his journey, but the officials doesn't believe his incredible story. They ask him to say another. Pi makes up a story and tells them and this time they agree to it as it sounded more realistic to them.

Well, the cinematography, music, VFX are exceptionally great. It is one of my best movies I have watched till date. Irrfan Khan is at his best in doing a natural-original acting. Debutant Suraj Sharma aka Pi has also acted very well.

I rate it 9/10.

IMDb rates it 8.40/ 10.


  1. Yesterday I watched AVATAAR-2 I mean Life of Pi (3D)!
    I think 3D is the most recent invention to make human feel the mysteries of the nature.
    One point to be noted, hunger can remove all predispositions in the mind. One thought provoking message when the Tiger didn’t look back at Pi and he entered in the jungle as if Jungle was waiting for him since long time! Yes the Earth needs jungle on it vast part and tiger will save it. So “save the tiger”.
    Indeed, a must watch movie to forget about all the sufferings in the past!

    Sunil Sah


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