the Height of bribery :): an unusual experience.

My free e-dictionary Wordweb provides me meaning of 'bribery' in this way- "The practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage". And most of us are aware of this, but I believe many of us might have paid bribe for licit advantage also like getting a driving license done among others. Some might have not paid bribe directly to govt. servant, but to a middle man, who is often called an "agent". Agent is always a man who gives us paid-help, thus help can be purchased. :)

Now let me tell you an incident. I live in a hostel, which has total nine floors, but has very poor lifts (two). And I happen to occupy one room in the ninth floor. Many times I have to reach my room marching more than 120 on stairs at-least and sometimes also  have walk down. More than 120 stairs...lately I have counted that.

Well, as usual,yesterday, I stood near the lift. Pressed the "down arrow" button, which summons the lift from wherever it is. But yesterday, luckily in-fact, the lift was present at ninth floor, waiting...I pressed the button, but it restrained itself from opening the doors. I repeated my act, but all in vain. I got an idea, I took out fifty rupees note form my pocket and inserted it in between the the two doors of the lift. The laser censors of the lift got a command and all of sudden the doors started opening and welcomed me. I had a good, uninterrupted ride till the ground floor and exited for my work.

Well, the story carries a unusual happening and that is 'bribing the lift to open and ride me down'. Yes, I bribed it, remember the fifty rupees note I inserted to open the doors of the lift (an licit advantage). Well, i told this incident to few of my friends during my another ride in the same lift. We laughed a lot and one of then added his similar kind of experience. But in his case, he used  Rs. 1000 note.

We laughed more...:)

Comments, Suggestions always welcome:)


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