Travelling by BUS

Sometimes I feel having one's own vehicle to travel is far better than boarding crazily stuffed public buses. But we mass public cannot afford to have our own vehicle, thus "public transport" on the roads. I know using these buses is a best practice that human being can today adopt for the following reasons- save the fast depleting fossil fuels, helping environment, avoiding snail-ing traffic (if Car owners leave their cars behind ), and also save one's hard earned money.

But, why haven't been we able to make the so-called 'public transport'-a public friendly one-that has comfort to 'travel with ease' at least. I feel the only way to encourage or rather motivate more people in using the public transport is to make the transport system itself more comfortable. This will also attract people using cars and bikes consequently lessening the number of private vehicles in our roads which translates to less traffic and the ripple effect continues to reaching office on time, saving fuels that is wasted while stuck in traffic.

hmm...the words like "motivation" that I used in the second paragraph is somewhat contradicting- there are already more than enough people taking public transport, now if comfort is added then one can imagine how many people will prefer to travel by bus. So, making the "comfort in public transport" is a relative term. I mean more people coming in will make the comfort a rather discomfort. So, the solution is having adequate and comfortable public transport.

So, is it human's innateness to desire for more and more comfort or should we be satisfied with what we have and adjust to it.Stand for hours inside stuffed bus. Pushing and being pushed. Letting our new mobile phone, hard earned cash and plastic cards pick-pocketed.

Well there are numerous stories because each passenger has his own story.

One more thing. Have you ever thought of counting the passengers standing versus the sitting one's. According to me, the standing passengers outnumber the sitting one's. The seats are very less, only for those who are damn lucky to be at originating bus stop or the one who stands near a seat who's passenger reaches destination earlier than yours. 
So, what is the point of having seats in our public city buses? Removing the seats will help the bus to double the capacity. Those standing will not feel injustice. Bus will symbolize 'equity'. And the transport corporation will save cost of purchasing the seats and fixing them.

Also, sometimes the those standing passengers face rudeness from the conductor, who supposedly behaves like owner of the bus. He may sometime push you and ask you again and again to stand at extreme back just because you are travelling to final destination of the bus and if you talk to resist yourself from going back. His rudeness will increase substantially and he may also blow his whistle asking you to get off the bus.

Fine. It seems I have done too much of analysis. Now, please leave your comments, add-on text, or whatever that pleases you :)

Enjoy the ride :) because every ride tell you a story.


  1. I agree with you... standing pax outnumbers sitting one... and to add to their misery is the poor condition of the buses...

    about time somebody thought of writing on it!


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