"Going the Distance-"-my entry to the GetPublished contest

The Idea:

This is narrator's own love story that starts in a fully residential school during his early Eleventh standard year. It turns ‘long distance relationship’ after two years as the narrator moves to Delhi to pursue higher studies. His beloved stays back in Guwahati to pursue Bachelors in Business Administration in a private management college. They keep in touch talking over from telephone booths initially, and later get themselves cell phones, which brings them together like never before, but also slowly parts them. They start doubting each other and having tussle over simple things like ‘not replying to a SMS’, ‘not responding to calls’, etc. This way ‘turbulence’ starts and never ends and ultimately kills the relationship. They patch up again, later, after 5 months of negotiations, but the wounds of the first break-up hadn't properly healed and ultimately led to a final parting with the narrator going almost mad and his lover resorting to Facebook friends to console herself and seek gratification to her ‘lost love’.

What makes this story ‘Real’?-

This story transverse many youth’s life of our country today- love relationship added with intense academic competition, unemployment problems, etc. In many cases, after senior school, youths move from smaller town to big cities to pursue higher education leaving behind their 'love relationship'. And it so happens that  lovers depart and face turbulence in journey of their relationship until they, ultimately, break-up. Only few very lucky lovers remain coupled for life.


Day-dreaming is part of my routine now. I do more of it than anything else. Every ‘second’ pass not like a second but an infinite hour. “Time and tide waits for none”-I often read this, written just above the large rectangular black-board in our class, in our high school. I was a young shy boy then.

Though I was shy, I sat on  first bench and falling in love wasn't a big challenge for me. You were more beautiful then- cute face, silky hair that beautifully adorned like a princess. I would get shy of you at every sight of yours. My heart would get numb, no signals at all. I would just put my head down and recover.

“Change is the only constant people say. Have I changed a lot? I had promised-I would never. I cheated you. I am a liar. Storm of change has ripped me and our relationship. The storm has made our relationship a ‘homeless vagabond’” I say this over phone and start slapping myself with my left hand. Though, I was at a height of anger, I could still feel cool breeze making my cheeks cooler as the tears had splashed due to numerous random slaps...
This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.


  1. very good
    i am proud of you Bikas....
    good luck


  2. Yes, true, this is the story of many of the youth of today's age, except sms' are replaced by Watsapp these days..;) Looking forward for the entire post..:)

    Have a look at my idea too:)

  3. Thank you Nirvaan. Definitely I shall have a look :)


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