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Comedy Nights With Kapil: A Baba Ji Ka Thullu Story

I am quite sure that almost all fans of Comedy Nights With Kapil show are now fam
ilair with Baba Ji Ka Thullu. (ha ha ha )

Kapil has been making us all laugh like never before. His K9 production house is doing amazing work with its debut production- Comedy Nights With Kapil.

Well, here is my story about my share of Baba Ji Ka Thullu is here:

Yesterday, as I was watching the show, the word (Baba Ji Ka Thullu) was spoken several times by Kapil himself and also other stage actors viz., Dadi, Bua among others. Thus I thought of registering the word-Babajikathullu as a domain name and later create a website. Otherwise, I can park the domain name and sell it later, in case someone crazy like Kapil buys it for a good price. :)

Thus, I started googling the word-{BabaJiKaThullu)
Ailaa...It's already there! Registered. The dot com for the name is already registered and parked. Also a dot net site. :(. The image on the right has domains unavailability).

Domain name already taken by someone…

Vodafone Shortlist Mary Kom as Global Brand Ambassador

Well, it was only cricket and cricket, when it came to high-value endorsements. But this time, it is a five
time World Boxing Champion shortlisted for Vodafone's global brand ambassador.

Mary Kom, the London Olympic bronze medalist and a mother of two has been selected for a role of global brand ambassador for Vodafone's new social media-led brand engagement called 'Vodafone Firsts', which is planned for launch on 2014, starting from London, the place where Kom won her Bronze medal.

I feel this initiative by Vodafone will let other multinational companies to think out-of-box  and choose sportspersons other than cricketers for endorsements.
To read the detailed news coverage click here.

My 20th Birthday And A Brand-New TABLET---A Story of Celebration And Disaster

"You have wasted  hard-earned money of your uncle", my father with much anger commented, after staring at me for few minutes. I sat quiet, in sad mood, at one corner of my bedroom, with my head down and my thoughts just circling on 'should I leave now, hang-out with college mates and be drunk'
My mom enters into the scene saying "You're grown up now, you'll be graduating this year, thus do not behave like a kid. You do not know how to care for your own stuff. How my son be so negligent".
This above scene happened when my brand-new tablet broke. It was presented to me as a gift by my software-geek uncle, who lives in the US, on my 20th birthday. And my uncle had specially turned-up to celebrate my birthday. He was a young chap, when I first saw him decades ago.  My mother often told me at home that he went to the so-called prestigious IIT-Delhi while I was in sixth standard. When he came on my 20th birthday, his hair had almost deserted his unfertil…

When Ambi Pur Was the Reason for Freshness and Happiness!

It was early in the morning, and a group of children had already flocked inside my room. They were staring at high-hung Ambi Pur Set and Refresh. My young cousin proudly explaining his kindergarten batch mates about the fragrance magic gadget- Ambi Pur Set and Fresh.
Kids started asking me "Brother, where did you get it from?" "It's is a gift from Ambi Pur" I replied "Where is this place…Ambipur, brother?" the eldest kid in a bright-yellow shirt asked. "It's not a place, it's a brand name. AMBI PUR." I respond with a big smile on my face. The kid stares at me for a while, perplexed and joins his friends who were now busy reading a comic book.
Young children gathered early morning, and the reason was the Ambi Pur Set. In fact earlier, young children couldn’t gather courage to enter home especially my room whenever I was home. They were told that I was a Policeman.
The above instance is with respect to children, similarly, many of my Dad'…

How Can You Make Your Online Shopping Store a Best Online Shopping Destination

Shopping online in India was never so easy. Thousands of Indian online shopping stores seem to have revolutionised online shopping in India. But according to me only few of them can give you best online shopping experience. Whether a customer is buying shoes, or looking for prices of Pen Drives and Mobiles phones. It is ultimately ‘the shopping experience’ that matters to customers and also perhaps an USP that online shopping sites owner should keep. From my experience of shopping online, I have concluded on following key areas, which I feel are few of the many contributing factors that lead to seller’s success. .Discounts:One of the major factors which I consider before purchasing online is the price discount.
In my case, I had to purchase couple of books for an entrance exam. I went around to several book shops to check the price, but none of them gave me more than 10% discount, thus, I started researching and comparing price over the Internet. I took out time to browse through many sh…

Nagaland Declared 'Falcon Capital of the World'

Yes, the topic of this blog post is absolutely correct- Nagaland has been declared 'Falcon Capital of the World'. A group of international scientist from various agencies like Wildlife Institute of India, United Nations Environment Programme and Environment Agency among others.

The ornitologist team have extimated a about one million Amur Falcons. This was possible by doing a technologically advanced method called sattelite tagging.

If you are interested in knowing more details. Read a news piece here

Contrary to this good news, there an surprising fact too. Thousands of Falcons get killed during their migration to South Africa. Fishing nets are used to capture them and the meat is sold. This is infact a sorrowful story. You can read more news coverage related to this here. Also a NATGEO coverage here

I hope that this announcement by the international team of ornitologist will make people aware about Falcon and the need to conserve bio-diversity.

Share this, and help people k…

Did You Know Manipur Now Has An International Airport?

I was unaware of any international airport apart from Lokrpiya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (also commonly known as Guwahati Airport).
Today as I was reading Assam Tribune, a premier English dialy in Assam, I became aware of a new International Airport in the Northeast region of India. The new airport is 'Imphal International Airport' (Tiluhal Airport) at Imphal, the state capital of Manipur. You can read the news about Union Cabinet's approval to declare Bhubaneswar and Imphal airports as International Airport here. This initiative seems to be one step towards materialising India's Look East Policy
And just yesterday i.e. 21st Novermber, 2013 the airport made a debut on the International Aviation map as the Myanmar's private airline Golden Myanmar made a maiden landing at the airport around 12 noon.
The maiden flight to Imphal International Airport came with 100 Myanmarese delegation who are expected to attend Sangai Festival, the biggest cultural extr…

Do You a Man Called Derren Brown?

This happened few days back. I was watching TV late in the night and I got know about him. I was amazed by his show-FAIR and FAITH.

In the program Fair and Faith, he was basically creating a Medical eco-system wherein few patients suffering some fear related problem were brought and they recoverd or got rid of the probelm.
He prescribes them Rumyodin, which actually looked like real Rumyodin medicine, but had sugar inside it. Thus, just giving the group of patients a feel or rather psychological feel of real Rumyodin.

The basic trick he was doing was just pretending to everything as true. I mean the patients were completely unaware of the tricks done to heal their problems/ illness. And, to my surprise, the patients recovered from the problem.

This was how I came to know about Derren Brown, and now I am searching for some of his books online :).

You can visit this page on a site called Sabotage Times to gain some perspectives about Derren's magical shows.

I too had no knowledge a…

Purchasing Genuine Khadi Products: KHADI MARK is here to assure you genuiness.

Many of us are always prefer to buy Khadi products especially during special occasion like convocation, farewell ceremonies, marriage parties, etc.However, many of you might have observed that many a times you land up buying a duplicate product, i.e., it’s not an original Khadi product.
Now, you need not worry anymore regarding the genuineness of Khadi product because recently President Pranab Mukherjee has launched the ‘KHADI MARK’ designed by NID (National Institute of Design) Ahmedabad.

This KHADI MARK initiative was taken by Khadi Reforms and Development program, which receives financial assistance from Asian Development Bank.
A prominent daily reported S K Sinha, director, economic research, KVIC as saying this “The nark reflects the significance of Khadi in India. It will now be on every tag, label, sticker and even identification cards attached to Khadi products. Every tag will have its own sequence number so that we know who has produced it and how to authenticate it.

India's Online Shopping Sites Celebrate Sachin's Retirement by Offering Amazing Products and Accessories for Sale

And this is what I thought of  blogging  this afternoon- "Exploring and writing about the Sachin's presence on India's Online Shopping sites".
Here is a report of the same:
So, the master blaster of Cricket is retiring. And there is a fragrance of Sachin Tendulkar's retirement in the air. Right from digital media to print media is bringing out the special stories on his achievements and beautiful cricket that he played during his tenure, which in fact began when he was very young. There is a similar buzz over the social media and the webworld.
Now lets me say you about what I got while exploring some of the India's online popular and trusted online shopping sites: ------ As India celebrates Sachin's retirement, India's young e-commerce webstores have also joined the league by bringing out special and innovative offers to attract Sachin fans. In other words, It's an opportunity to get one souvenir for yourself to remind you of this historic event.
From a…

Magic of Ayurvedic Products: An Experience

It was last week of May this year. I was back to home after my studies in Bangalore.
After a long and tiring journey, I was letting the bags too, to unwind (an instance of height of my laziness that I broadcast sometimes while I am home)
One fine morning, while I was still asleep, my mother checked one of my bags that lay undisturbed on a chair in the room I was sleeping. She must have been stunned seeing a bunch of colourful cosmetics in it. Consequently she wakes me up:  “Aare utho ye saab kya hai” (Wake up! What are all these). “utho..utho...aath baj gaye” (wake-up, wake-up, its 8 O’clock) “Yeh kya hai? Itne saare cosmetics” (What are these, so many cosmetics packs)
“For pimples and scars Maa” I replied. She sits for a while staring at the cosmetics and drowned in some deep thought. She looked totally perplexed.
Meanwhile, I woke up. Had a glass of water and asked her- “You look lost Maa, what happened?” After a few seconds, she turns towards me and makes eye-contact for a while. …

When Went Offline: A Customer's Experience

I am not sure whether I should blog about this, but being one of the customers of I feel I should write about what happened this morning.

So, as usual, I logged the site name www[dot] followed by, I always had landed on the yatra's site with Salman Khan standing near the Yatra logo, which has "creating happy travellers" punchline underneath. But, today afternoon when I logged in there was something different. The view of the page gradually surprised me. I did checked again, but the display was same-a domain parking webpage. I thought of calling customer care to inform them that their site might have been hacked.But, Later as I google 'yatra', I see a news as "Yatra fixes its website; rivals Goibibo, Makemytrip gain" as I read on the news, I got to know about 'how probably the management had forgotten to renew the domain name.

As Dhruv Shringi is doubtful about whether the domain name had 'really' expired. In fa…

Brigadier (Retd) Thenphunga Sailo: Probably India's Oldest Legislator

This morning I woke up late. After I was completely awake (read after shower), I browsed through a prominent daily of Assam. One of its pages, which reports only happenings from North East India, had this record news-"Brig Sailo bids adieu to active politics at 91".

As I read further, I found that 'Sailo was elected and served as chief minister of Mizoram twice and currently is a  member of the Mizoram Assembly.'

He made the announce to leave active politics in the Assembly on 24th July.He gave out a three-point formula for a bright future of the state, he requested his fellow MLAs to " have a party-less obsession with the development of the State, make the Assembly the headquarters in the fight against corruption and adhere to the traditional ethos of Tlawmngaihna, which represents the social ethics of honesty, transparency, justice and diligence."

The daily also reports that he is probably the country's oldest legislator and he could be also the worl…

Let's go to Kaziranga National Park: my idea of a perfect road trip

Here at Siliguri (West Bengal) it's hot and humid. Summer vacations are on. So we all college-going friends( Navin, Swetha, Kunal, Rimpi, Harshit, Sunaina and me) are few steps away from planning a summer trip to the famous Rhino habitat in Upper Assam.
So here is  my idea of a perfect road trip: Vroommm!!! says the new Innova…and seven friends of mine and me are ready for a trip to Kaziranga National Park in Assam. An approximately 621 KMs road trip.
Along the National Highway, we have planned that we would sing and play live music. Here is the list of 'who would do what?' Navin: Vocals Swetha: Vocals Kunal: Tabla Rimpi: Flute Harshit: Dhol Sunaina: Clapping Me: Clapping
We will be carrying the listed instruments in our car. We will arrange musical nights at dhabas and small hamlets along the way to our destination.
Our journey will start early in the morning from Siliguri Railway station's car parking area. We all shall come ready with some packed home-made food. Pa…

Internet for everyone: The technology to revolutionise the Internet is here

Many of you might have heard about the Google's latest initiative-the project loon. It is an idea about providing access to internet for all at an affordable cost.I feel that this is a brilliant idea. Imagine, when everyone get access to internet. Really, it will be a beginning of a new era, altogether.

Project loon is a network of technologically equipped balloons traveling on the edge of space. This is designed to provide internet access to rural and remote locations.

The project is currently under pilot phase in New Zealand's South Island.  30 balloons were launched and are being tested by a small group of pilot testers.The pilot testing experience will be analysed to make review the technology and make better for the next phase.

You can check out the official project page here.

And, yes, as an internet user, what is your views/opinions about this idea? do share it using the comment section.

If I could Voice Chat using WeChat with everyone!

If I could connect to 5 or more people, I would definitely connect to following people in my WeChat group:
1.JRD Tata: After reading JRD TATA’s biography—Beyond The Last Blue Mountain: A Life of J.R.D Tata—I was filled with curiosity. If I could connect to him in aWeChat, I would have told him that, if Tata airlines wouldn’t have been nationalised, the Indian aviation sector would have been very different. The Indian Airlines now has so much debt and is still operating in loss. Had it been Tata airlines, it would have been common man’s airlines--cheap and efficient. Also, did the Indian government pressurise the board of Tata airlines to get nationalised?
2.Wright Brothers: I would have been more than happy to connect with Wright Brothers, who invented one of the fastest means of transport. Aeroplanes, today, have become one of the favourite means of transport for long distance travel. Thus, the invention has enabled the growth of economy and humanity as a whole. I would have informed …

beautiful things are always there for you

when things turn against you
you feel frustrated, of being you in the position
you cannot think and mess up everything
when 'things of beauty' doesn't bring any joy
'smashing' is what you love
anger, anger, and anger
is what you feel

Its time, to kill time
drag yourself, drag
to the place
where you dream
let your eyes lashes kiss each other,

imagine the beautiful moments,
let them romance in your thoughts
let yourself free, just free yourself
calm, cool and cute you look,
immerse yourself to a beautiful world,
alone, with just cooing of cuckoo you can hear
soothing refreshing breeze, from the little window
let the silence dawn, as anger fades away!

when someone connects us, rejoice us

tweeting of birds, in a tree
between your and my home
sounds now more rejoicing,
silence between us
is disturbed
It is the reason for me
to glance at your home
and for you, to mine..

I am used to the tweet,
I eagerly wait for the dawn
to rejoice
to glance at your side
to connect to your heart.

The Silent Community

You talk, we talk, but someone is silent there Hear him if you can… Hear him! Somewhere there, somewhere far… Somewhere within you… There is a silent creature A silent community is there Problems and discomforts are nothing to him He enjoys alone, he is happy alone He doesn't bother the "happenings'' on this earth
Silent community is always silent.

temporary silence...

When temporary silence beckons me, I hear the chirping of bird Somewhere, at far...
Silence has its own rhythm Its own harmony, Perhaps a song of silence...
I foresee the monotony of life, for a moment The uselessness, inutility of time The darkness of moments Passed by idleness… Sheer idleness...

The Original Day @ The Original IndiBlogger Meet

Experience @ The Original IndiBlogger Meet: It was not a usual Sunday; it was an Original Sunday, loaded with fun just because it was The Original Indiblogger meet with HP at Fortune JP Celestial, Bangalore. The meet started with registration and after that everything was fun filled. I loved the concept of registering using computers-making registration process paperless. When I reached there I had no friends, but when I left I had many. The hall was packed with people having something original to speak, create, draw, pose, mimic, mime, dance, and sing and more. We did smile a lot and laughed too. It was truly an amazing experience. Oh my God, I have forgotten to mention, we also had delicious food, which included warm Gulab Jamun.
HP executive who did a presentation on Original vs. Fake was interesting and educating. I also became aware of HP Printers and its efficiency. Now, I fear to refill my cartridge which can destroy functioning of my printer.

To sum up, the Sunday of the 3rd week …

The days of All India Radio

Metro India is no more enjoying the beautiful taste of listening to All India Radio(AIR).Perhaps the 'taste' is no more so attracting. Conventional Radio sets are no more a common sight in cities. But at the same time FM have become very common after the Cellphones have reached hands of majority of people.  Let start with hearing the signature tune of AIR. I remember the days when I listened to AIR during my childhood. Radio was one of the trusted source of entertainment and news source in my remote village. I remember how frequency was set using a manual tuner and then the channel started its programs like phone-in and sometime when the RJ would announce names of soldiers, who were serving in different parts of the country, away from their home and family. The name often used to be in this way-" Assam Rifles se Havildar Ram Bahadur Gurung, Havildar Bhim Bahadur Thapa, Havildar Ankit Pandey....." The announcement would be long, often full of a post card. After patie…

Rule of 'Thumbs'

Our thumb has been doing a numerous indispensable jobs, perhaps, since a time immemorial. We often see young babies sucking their little thumb, this gives us a feeling and assurance that we must have done the same during our baby-hood.
It helped us whenever we weren't able to give a signature. Yes "aangutha chhap" as they called it or rather a stereotyped phrase for illiteracy. But, today, after the advent of cellphone, we all fall under this 'stereotype' because most of us use thumb of type SMS. For a moment, I thought whether we use it in Smartphones...Yes we use it to tap on the touch-screen interface.
Perhaps we never have had felt the 'more' usefulness of our "thumb" than in using to type messages(SMS) in our cellphone's keyboard and also hitting space bar in computer's keyboard. Wikipedia says "A thumbs-up or thumbs-down is a common hand gesture achieved by a closed fist held with the thumb extended upward or downward in appr…

'Brands'-making a way to Bollywood

Zandu Balm, Fevicol…..and more brands will make it to 'Bollywood' in future…
Well, the title of this post is 'Songs and Brands' because I want to jot down some lines about the phenomena of using Brand names in Bollywood songs.
First, lets start from Zandu Balm. The official website of Zandu Balm claims that it has been a household remedy for 100 years. Great service. It also states that it is synonymous for headache, body ache and cold remedy. I remember how in my village Chinese balm or the tiger balm was often used. Not only because of its effectiveness but also for its pocket-friendliness (cheap rate).
During September, 2010, the makers of 'Zandu Balm' had served legal notice to the producers of the item song "Munni Badnaam" from the Salman Khan starrer Film-'Dabangg'. I remember how both the parties had settled amicably. It was a win-win deal for both. Producers were allowed to continue with the chartbuster song and the makers of 'Zan…