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The Original Day @ The Original IndiBlogger Meet

Experience @ The Original IndiBlogger Meet: It was not a usual Sunday; it was an Original Sunday, loaded with fun just because it was The Original Indiblogger meet with HP at Fortune JP Celestial, Bangalore. The meet started with registration and after that everything was fun filled. I loved the concept of registering using computers-making registration process paperless. When I reached there I had no friends, but when I left I had many. The hall was packed with people having something original to speak, create, draw, pose, mimic, mime, dance, and sing and more. We did smile a lot and laughed too. It was truly an amazing experience. Oh my God, I have forgotten to mention, we also had delicious food, which included warm Gulab Jamun.
HP executive who did a presentation on Original vs. Fake was interesting and educating. I also became aware of HP Printers and its efficiency. Now, I fear to refill my cartridge which can destroy functioning of my printer.

To sum up, the Sunday of the 3rd week …

The days of All India Radio

Metro India is no more enjoying the beautiful taste of listening to All India Radio(AIR).Perhaps the 'taste' is no more so attracting. Conventional Radio sets are no more a common sight in cities. But at the same time FM have become very common after the Cellphones have reached hands of majority of people.  Let start with hearing the signature tune of AIR. I remember the days when I listened to AIR during my childhood. Radio was one of the trusted source of entertainment and news source in my remote village. I remember how frequency was set using a manual tuner and then the channel started its programs like phone-in and sometime when the RJ would announce names of soldiers, who were serving in different parts of the country, away from their home and family. The name often used to be in this way-" Assam Rifles se Havildar Ram Bahadur Gurung, Havildar Bhim Bahadur Thapa, Havildar Ankit Pandey....." The announcement would be long, often full of a post card. After patie…

Rule of 'Thumbs'

Our thumb has been doing a numerous indispensable jobs, perhaps, since a time immemorial. We often see young babies sucking their little thumb, this gives us a feeling and assurance that we must have done the same during our baby-hood.
It helped us whenever we weren't able to give a signature. Yes "aangutha chhap" as they called it or rather a stereotyped phrase for illiteracy. But, today, after the advent of cellphone, we all fall under this 'stereotype' because most of us use thumb of type SMS. For a moment, I thought whether we use it in Smartphones...Yes we use it to tap on the touch-screen interface.
Perhaps we never have had felt the 'more' usefulness of our "thumb" than in using to type messages(SMS) in our cellphone's keyboard and also hitting space bar in computer's keyboard. Wikipedia says "A thumbs-up or thumbs-down is a common hand gesture achieved by a closed fist held with the thumb extended upward or downward in appr…

'Brands'-making a way to Bollywood

Zandu Balm, Fevicol…..and more brands will make it to 'Bollywood' in future…
Well, the title of this post is 'Songs and Brands' because I want to jot down some lines about the phenomena of using Brand names in Bollywood songs.
First, lets start from Zandu Balm. The official website of Zandu Balm claims that it has been a household remedy for 100 years. Great service. It also states that it is synonymous for headache, body ache and cold remedy. I remember how in my village Chinese balm or the tiger balm was often used. Not only because of its effectiveness but also for its pocket-friendliness (cheap rate).
During September, 2010, the makers of 'Zandu Balm' had served legal notice to the producers of the item song "Munni Badnaam" from the Salman Khan starrer Film-'Dabangg'. I remember how both the parties had settled amicably. It was a win-win deal for both. Producers were allowed to continue with the chartbuster song and the makers of 'Zan…