'Brands'-making a way to Bollywood

Zandu Balm, Fevicol…..and more brands will make it to 'Bollywood' in future…

Well, the title of this post is 'Songs and Brands' because I want to jot down some lines about the phenomena of using Brand names in Bollywood songs.

First, lets start from Zandu Balm. The official website of Zandu Balm claims that it has been a household remedy for 100 years. Great service. It also states that it is synonymous for headache, body ache and cold remedy. I remember how in my village Chinese balm or the tiger balm was often used. Not only because of its effectiveness but also for its pocket-friendliness (cheap rate).

During September, 2010, the makers of 'Zandu Balm' had served legal notice to the producers of the item song "Munni Badnaam" from the Salman Khan starrer Film-'Dabangg'. I remember how both the parties had settled amicably. It was a win-win deal for both. Producers were allowed to continue with the chartbuster song and the makers of 'Zandu Balm' used a portion of the video song as a promotional campaign for their product and also signing Malaika Arora Khan as brand ambassador. Prominent advertisement professional was engaged to solve out the problem.

I wonder, whether the song has helped in increasing the sales or winning brand loyalty, but a prominent newspaper reports that it has been a "windfall" for brand owners. Sounds great.

Now, lets focus to somewhat recent song- "Fevicol se".

From the same producers comes the sequel of the first movie. Now its Dabangg 2. And it now has a 'brand' name 'Fevicol' in its item number song. It was a pain reliever earlier now its adhesive. I came to know, from prominent news source, that this time the tie-up to use 'Fevicol' brand was made well on advance to avoid complications later. And the makers of Fevicol were happy with the deal and had a this comment "Fevicol's core proposition of bonding and sticking comes out well in the song,"(Source: economic times, online edition, dated 27 Nov, 12)

However, Salman Khan fans have loved the song. As I goggled the song, I found a website, where the song video was uploaded had many comments of viewers, amongst which one was "super Hit song (Fevicol)"

On the official YouTube upload there are many comments, likes, dislikes and arguments between commentators regarding the "pathetic lyrics" which is demeaning according to one, who is criticized by another considering him 'backward, and of feeble mind'.

On the other side a reader of a news article related to the song, commented "Last time it was Zandu Balm, now it is Fevicol. what, is Arbaaz Khan leaving films and getting into ad-making?". I agree to her, film are engrossing money or rather emptying pockets of masses like never before. Now it’s like double target with a single bullet.

Whatever it may be, one thing is clear that 'brands' are making way to Bollywood, working harder than ever to give its 'makers' more profit, and on the other hand, Bollywood is gaining from these new 'stars'...


  1. he he, now the issue is not only about songs, issue is about such films. make a very funny story, add some action scenes (Rajnikant type), some inputs of comedy, one item number, one action type song like "hud hud dabangg, singham, Khiladi bhaiya" and then show hero as a super power(away from reality) and then u will get a good collection in box office. I think this formula will go away after sometime as it was happened with Govinda's movies.

  2. Yes, Zafartoons you are correct. Hope this fades away, and a new era emerges in our film industry.

  3. Good analysis..Bikash..I am agree with you..And up to some extent we , the audiences are responsible for whatever is happening around us..


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