Rule of 'Thumbs'

Our thumb has been doing a numerous indispensable jobs, perhaps, since a time immemorial. We often see young babies sucking their little thumb, this gives us a feeling and assurance that we must have done the same during our baby-hood.

It helped us whenever we weren't able to give a signature. Yes "aangutha chhap" as they called it or rather a stereotyped phrase for illiteracy. But, today, after the advent of cellphone, we all fall under this 'stereotype' because most of us use thumb of type SMS. For a moment, I thought whether we use it in Smartphones...Yes we use it to tap on the touch-screen interface.

Source: Wikipedia; by Wuyouyuan
Perhaps we never have had felt the 'more' usefulness of our "thumb" than in using to type messages(SMS) in our cellphone's keyboard and also hitting space bar in computer's keyboard.
Wikipedia says "A thumbs-up or thumbs-down is a common hand gesture achieved by a closed fist held with the thumb extended upward or downward in approval or disapproval, respectively". "Thumbs Up" is also a carbonated drink brand in India.It was introduced during 1977 as a reaction to expulsion of The Coco-Cola Company from India. As of February 2012 the brand was a market leader, in Cola segment, with a lion share of 42%. Its a 'thumbs up' for Thumbs Up.

Recently I went to a music concert-'Aman Ki Asha' organized by Times of India and JANG group of Pakistan. The concert featured legendary Indian Ocean and Strings performing. We reached venue well on time and as you all know it takes more than 2 hours to fix and tune the instruments. At this place I could see good use of thumb. The singer on the stage asked the sound control guy to raise volume.The guy raises volume and shows a 'thumbs up' to the singer, signaling that the job has been done. In similar fashion volume increase or decrease was managed without using voice at all, unless very necessary. Wow! Excellent, I felt, and it looks very professional too.

Now lets move to something more Indian in phenomena. It is usual to see tobacco chewing people using their thumb to prepare the dry tobacco leaves with some lime for chewing. Tobacco is meshed with help of thumb and fist until the tobacco becomes yellowish and gives out strong smell that instigates sneezing very easily.

Whatever may be the case-SMSing, using as a brand or meshing tobacco. It seems that we are more using our thumbs. So lets 'thumbs up' for the Rule of  'Thumbs' :)


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