The days of All India Radio

Metro India is no more enjoying the beautiful taste of listening to All India Radio(AIR).Perhaps the 'taste' is no more so attracting. Conventional Radio sets are no more a common sight in cities. But at the same time FM have become very common after the Cellphones have reached hands of majority of people. 
Let start with hearing the signature tune of AIR. I remember the days when I listened to AIR during my childhood. Radio was one of the trusted source of entertainment and news source in my remote village. I remember how frequency was set using a manual tuner and then the channel started its programs like phone-in and sometime when the RJ would announce names of soldiers, who were serving in different parts of the country, away from their home and family. The name often used to be in this way-" Assam Rifles se Havildar Ram Bahadur Gurung, Havildar Bhim Bahadur Thapa, Havildar Ankit Pandey....." The announcement would be long, often full of a post card. After patiently hearing numerous names, song would follow from the super hit films of 1980s. It would just be a soulful music listening for us.

AIR was officialy known as Akashvani since 1956. Akashvani literally mean "sky's voice".It is a division  of Prasar Bharati and is the largest Radio broadcaster in the world. It reaches every corner of India. You just need to set the frequency and you get so many programs ranging from retro-hits to agricultural related programs.

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Today, as I see that we have become so busy that AIR radio channel is no more registered in our mind, we are lost in jungle of mass media- so many satellite channels (both free and paid), so many FM channels (easily available at our cellphone handsets). We no more need to buy the huge rectangular black box and manually tune for several minutes to locate channels.

Another, thing is the advent of social media like Facebook and twitter seem to have occupied our leisure time.

Perhaps some of you might love to peek at the official website of the AIR. Explore and see, I feel it will give you some nostalgic pleasures about your own childhood in some parts of rural Bharat. There is a option for listening LIVE and also a daily schedule.

You may also check more about AIR on Wikipedia's AIR page.

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  1. Agreed with you :)
    But you seem to be raising 3 points:-
    1. Accessibility of mass media and hence its importance (high or low).
    2. New Avatar of radio.
    3. Way we looked at available resources and cherished them few years back.

    You have taken me back to my childhood when my grandfather use to listen AIR and how much important it was for him.
    Now radio is broadcasting range of songs, news and activities too like mine is ...... now identify your body part :P


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