The Original Day @ The Original IndiBlogger Meet

Experience @ The Original IndiBlogger Meet:
It was not a usual Sunday; it was an Original Sunday, loaded with fun just because it was The Original Indiblogger meet with HP at Fortune JP Celestial, Bangalore. The meet started with registration and after that everything was fun filled. I loved the concept of registering using computers-making registration process paperless.
When I reached there I had no friends, but when I left I had many. The hall was packed with people having something original to speak, create, draw, pose, mimic, mime, dance, and sing and more. We did smile a lot and laughed too. It was truly an amazing experience. Oh my God, I have forgotten to mention, we also had delicious food, which included warm Gulab Jamun.

HP executive who did a presentation on Original vs. Fake was interesting and educating. I also became aware of HP Printers and its efficiency. Now, I fear to refill my cartridge which can destroy functioning of my printer.

To sum up, the Sunday of the 3rd week of  January,2013 was an Original Sunday.

My take on 'what means to be original':
To be original means one respects the hard-work of  innovator(s)/creator(s) of product (s)/ services. Being able to understand what it takes to do something original and what one expects for one's original creation is perhaps sufficient to instigate in a being the feeling of respect for originality.

My experience with Original:
During 2010 Smartphones were not popular. I bought an original Nokia Phone at a price, which was double the amount my younger brother paid to get a Chinese phone having same functionality and Screen size. Within 6 months of purchase my brothers phone's "Zero" key stopped working. He wasn't able to call any new phone numbers having ‘zero’ in it. Finally he had to replace the entire keyboard. He stopped using the phone in mid-2011 because my brother realised its high maintenance cost. At my side, my Nokia original phone performed so well that even today I use it as a back-up phone. It is not that my phone didn't have any problem. Once Power button stopped working and I got it repaired at a nearest 'Nokia Care' at a zero cost. Yes, Zero because my phone was under 1 year warranty. Even today it welcomes me with a usual Nokia tune with two hands holding on the little screen signifying "Connecting People".


  1. You will never go wrong if you choose the original, so well proved by you.

  2. Nice Blog Bikash! I like your take on Originality. Keep Blogging!


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