If I could Voice Chat using WeChat with everyone!

If I could connect to 5 or more people, I would definitely connect to following people in my WeChat group:

1.       JRD Tata: After reading JRD TATA’s biography—Beyond The Last Blue Mountain: A Life of J.R.D Tata—I was filled with curiosity. If I could connect to him in a  WeChat, I would have told him that, if Tata airlines wouldn’t have been nationalised, the Indian aviation sector would have been very different.  The Indian Airlines now has so much debt and is still operating in loss. Had it been Tata airlines, it would have been common man’s airlines--cheap and efficient. Also, did the Indian government pressurise the board of Tata airlines to get nationalised?

2.       Wright Brothers: I would have been more than happy to connect with  Wright Brothers, who invented one of the fastest means of transport. Aeroplanes, today, have become one of the favourite means of transport for long distance travel. Thus, the invention has enabled the growth of economy and humanity as a whole.
I would have informed Wright Brothers that their invention has phenomenally changed the world especially the air travel and that I wish they we here to see the ‘change’.

3.       Vijay Mallya: Well, I just want to chat with him about the UB towers in Bangalore. They look really beautiful, but a common man remains wondering—what’s there in such a tall building? Who all live there?
Also, to me, it seemed that Kingfisher Airlines(KFA) was operating on profit. But, later I was stunned by its closure. Anyway, hats off to the KFA management for operating it so lavishly. KFA had really great customer loyalty program. I would especially appreciate Vijay Mallya for the KFA’s route—DEL(Delhi) to IMF (Imphal) because it was a boon for students from Manipur travelling to Delhi and then to other cities.

4.       Naresh Goyal: I love Jet Airways! My first air travel was with Jet Airways. I loved it—humble staff at Guwahati airport and the great food served onboard. I would chat with him regarding the recent deal with ETIHAD and also if he have plans to making air travel accessible to more Indians—who live in tier-III cities and smaller towns.

5.       Shahrukh Khan(SRK): SRK  because, during my recent visit to Mumbai, I went to Bandstand—the area in which SRK’s home (Mannat) is located. I would chat with him about his experience of living near a sea. How the sea does looks during full moon night. I would have also asked him whether he sips his cup of coffee facing the sea from the veranda of his home. And yes, how many times you have travelled by air. I really wonder about it!

Now you can voice chat with your loved one using WeChat App, which is available for free download.


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