Internet for everyone: The technology to revolutionise the Internet is here

Many of you might have heard about the Google's latest initiative-the project loon. It is an idea about providing access to internet for all at an affordable cost.I feel that this is a brilliant idea. Imagine, when everyone get access to internet. Really, it will be a beginning of a new era, altogether.

Project loon is a network of technologically equipped balloons traveling on the edge of space. This is designed to provide internet access to rural and remote locations.

The project is currently under pilot phase in New Zealand's South Island.  30 balloons were launched and are being tested by a small group of pilot testers.The pilot testing experience will be analysed to make review the technology and make better for the next phase.

You can check out the official project page here.

And, yes, as an internet user, what is your views/opinions about this idea? do share it using the comment section.


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