Let's go to Kaziranga National Park: my idea of a perfect road trip

Here at Siliguri (West Bengal) it's hot and humid. Summer vacations are on. So we all college-going friends( Navin, Swetha, Kunal, Rimpi, Harshit, Sunaina and me) are few steps away from planning a summer trip to the famous Rhino habitat in Upper Assam.

So here is  my idea of a perfect road trip:
Vroommm!!! says the new Innova…and seven friends of mine and me are ready for a trip to Kaziranga National Park in Assam. An approximately 621 KMs road trip.

Along the National Highway, we have planned that we would sing and play live music. Here is the list of 'who would do what?'
Navin: Vocals
Swetha: Vocals
Kunal: Tabla
Rimpi: Flute
Harshit: Dhol
Sunaina: Clapping
Me: Clapping

We will be carrying the listed instruments in our car. We will arrange musical nights at dhabas and small hamlets along the way to our destination.

Our journey will start early in the morning from Siliguri Railway station's car parking area. We all shall come ready with some packed home-made food. Packed foods have been already purchased for consumption during the journey. We have planned to halt at Guwahati city in a hotel. It is rainy in Assam during summers, so, camping outside, beside a road seems to be bad idea. So, we shall book a hotel for a nights stay. The next morning, we shall restart for Kaziranga National Park.

During evening, we have planned to stop near villages and have some tea at road-side tea stalls. For dinner, we will halt at highway dhabas.

We seven would be in a car for next few days so to keep our car fresh we will have one Ambipur's Aqua Air freshener for our car. However, during our journey through hamlets and forest, we will keep our window panes down to let natural air get in and also to see and enjoy the scenic beauty of rural Assam.

We will be dressed in cargo pants and crew-neck t-shirts for comfortable journey. On our feet, we will have floaters.

This trip shall refresh us. Watching animals-Rhino, wild ducks, deers, elephants, and many birds will be really amazing experience. Looking forward to this trip. :)

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