When Yatra.com Went Offline: A Customer's Experience

I am not sure whether I should blog about this, but being one of the customers of Yatra.com I feel I should write about what happened this morning.

So, as usual, I logged the site name www[dot] followed by yatra.com, I always had landed on the yatra's site with Salman Khan standing near the Yatra logo, which has "creating happy travellers" punchline underneath. But, today afternoon when I logged in there was something different. The view of the page gradually surprised me. I did checked again, but the display was same-a domain parking webpage. I thought of calling Yatra.com customer care to inform them that their site might have been hacked.But, Later as I google 'yatra', I see a news as "Yatra fixes its website; rivals Goibibo, Makemytrip gain" as I read on the news, I got to know about 'how probably the management had forgotten to renew the domain name.

As Dhruv Shringi is doubtful about whether the domain name had 'really' expired. In fact I too hold a similar doubt because the domain registrar send several emails in advance. Thus, let wait and see 'what has been a real problem.'

The TOI news says that the yatra.com was redirected to a domain parking webpage on Sunday and also most part of Monday. But, today it is tuesday and when I logged-in, I saw the same domain parking webpage.

But, now...it is working absolutely fine. What are your views about the domain name getting expired of popular website like Yatra. Do share your veiws and opinions through comment section.


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