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How Can You Make Your Online Shopping Store a Best Online Shopping Destination

Shopping online in India was never so easy. Thousands of Indian online shopping stores seem to have revolutionised online shopping in India. But according to me only few of them can give you best online shopping experience. Whether a customer is buying shoes, or looking for prices of Pen Drives and Mobiles phones. It is ultimately ‘the shopping experience’ that matters to customers and also perhaps an USP that online shopping sites owner should keep. From my experience of shopping online, I have concluded on following key areas, which I feel are few of the many contributing factors that lead to seller’s success. .Discounts:One of the major factors which I consider before purchasing online is the price discount.
In my case, I had to purchase couple of books for an entrance exam. I went around to several book shops to check the price, but none of them gave me more than 10% discount, thus, I started researching and comparing price over the Internet. I took out time to browse through many sh…

Nagaland Declared 'Falcon Capital of the World'

Yes, the topic of this blog post is absolutely correct- Nagaland has been declared 'Falcon Capital of the World'. A group of international scientist from various agencies like Wildlife Institute of India, United Nations Environment Programme and Environment Agency among others.

The ornitologist team have extimated a about one million Amur Falcons. This was possible by doing a technologically advanced method called sattelite tagging.

If you are interested in knowing more details. Read a news piece here

Contrary to this good news, there an surprising fact too. Thousands of Falcons get killed during their migration to South Africa. Fishing nets are used to capture them and the meat is sold. This is infact a sorrowful story. You can read more news coverage related to this here. Also a NATGEO coverage here

I hope that this announcement by the international team of ornitologist will make people aware about Falcon and the need to conserve bio-diversity.

Share this, and help people k…

Did You Know Manipur Now Has An International Airport?

I was unaware of any international airport apart from Lokrpiya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (also commonly known as Guwahati Airport).
Today as I was reading Assam Tribune, a premier English dialy in Assam, I became aware of a new International Airport in the Northeast region of India. The new airport is 'Imphal International Airport' (Tiluhal Airport) at Imphal, the state capital of Manipur. You can read the news about Union Cabinet's approval to declare Bhubaneswar and Imphal airports as International Airport here. This initiative seems to be one step towards materialising India's Look East Policy
And just yesterday i.e. 21st Novermber, 2013 the airport made a debut on the International Aviation map as the Myanmar's private airline Golden Myanmar made a maiden landing at the airport around 12 noon.
The maiden flight to Imphal International Airport came with 100 Myanmarese delegation who are expected to attend Sangai Festival, the biggest cultural extr…

Do You a Man Called Derren Brown?

This happened few days back. I was watching TV late in the night and I got know about him. I was amazed by his show-FAIR and FAITH.

In the program Fair and Faith, he was basically creating a Medical eco-system wherein few patients suffering some fear related problem were brought and they recoverd or got rid of the probelm.
He prescribes them Rumyodin, which actually looked like real Rumyodin medicine, but had sugar inside it. Thus, just giving the group of patients a feel or rather psychological feel of real Rumyodin.

The basic trick he was doing was just pretending to everything as true. I mean the patients were completely unaware of the tricks done to heal their problems/ illness. And, to my surprise, the patients recovered from the problem.

This was how I came to know about Derren Brown, and now I am searching for some of his books online :).

You can visit this page on a site called Sabotage Times to gain some perspectives about Derren's magical shows.

I too had no knowledge a…

Purchasing Genuine Khadi Products: KHADI MARK is here to assure you genuiness.

Many of us are always prefer to buy Khadi products especially during special occasion like convocation, farewell ceremonies, marriage parties, etc.However, many of you might have observed that many a times you land up buying a duplicate product, i.e., it’s not an original Khadi product.
Now, you need not worry anymore regarding the genuineness of Khadi product because recently President Pranab Mukherjee has launched the ‘KHADI MARK’ designed by NID (National Institute of Design) Ahmedabad.

This KHADI MARK initiative was taken by Khadi Reforms and Development program, which receives financial assistance from Asian Development Bank.
A prominent daily reported S K Sinha, director, economic research, KVIC as saying this “The nark reflects the significance of Khadi in India. It will now be on every tag, label, sticker and even identification cards attached to Khadi products. Every tag will have its own sequence number so that we know who has produced it and how to authenticate it.

India's Online Shopping Sites Celebrate Sachin's Retirement by Offering Amazing Products and Accessories for Sale

And this is what I thought of  blogging  this afternoon- "Exploring and writing about the Sachin's presence on India's Online Shopping sites".
Here is a report of the same:
So, the master blaster of Cricket is retiring. And there is a fragrance of Sachin Tendulkar's retirement in the air. Right from digital media to print media is bringing out the special stories on his achievements and beautiful cricket that he played during his tenure, which in fact began when he was very young. There is a similar buzz over the social media and the webworld.
Now lets me say you about what I got while exploring some of the India's online popular and trusted online shopping sites: ------ As India celebrates Sachin's retirement, India's young e-commerce webstores have also joined the league by bringing out special and innovative offers to attract Sachin fans. In other words, It's an opportunity to get one souvenir for yourself to remind you of this historic event.
From a…

Magic of Ayurvedic Products: An Experience

It was last week of May this year. I was back to home after my studies in Bangalore.
After a long and tiring journey, I was letting the bags too, to unwind (an instance of height of my laziness that I broadcast sometimes while I am home)
One fine morning, while I was still asleep, my mother checked one of my bags that lay undisturbed on a chair in the room I was sleeping. She must have been stunned seeing a bunch of colourful cosmetics in it. Consequently she wakes me up:  “Aare utho ye saab kya hai” (Wake up! What are all these). “utho..utho...aath baj gaye” (wake-up, wake-up, its 8 O’clock) “Yeh kya hai? Itne saare cosmetics” (What are these, so many cosmetics packs)
“For pimples and scars Maa” I replied. She sits for a while staring at the cosmetics and drowned in some deep thought. She looked totally perplexed.
Meanwhile, I woke up. Had a glass of water and asked her- “You look lost Maa, what happened?” After a few seconds, she turns towards me and makes eye-contact for a while. …