Do You a Man Called Derren Brown?

This happened few days back. I was watching TV late in the night and I got know about him. I was amazed by his show-FAIR and FAITH.

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In the program Fair and Faith, he was basically creating a Medical eco-system wherein few patients suffering some fear related problem were brought and they recoverd or got rid of the probelm.
He prescribes them Rumyodin, which actually looked like real Rumyodin medicine, but had sugar inside it. Thus, just giving the group of patients a feel or rather psychological feel of real Rumyodin.

The basic trick he was doing was just pretending to everything as true. I mean the patients were completely unaware of the tricks done to heal their problems/ illness. And, to my surprise, the patients recovered from the problem.

This was how I came to know about Derren Brown, and now I am searching for some of his books online :).

You can visit this page on a site called Sabotage Times to gain some perspectives about Derren's magical shows.

I too had no knowledge about the Rumyodin, and now I know little about it. :)

Just a couple of sentence more: Wiki page on Derren Brown introduces as "a British illusionist, mentalist, trickster, hypnotist, painter, writer, and sceptic"  Also, You can visit his official site and learn more about him here

I hope reading this was interesting to you as it was for me while writing. :)


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