How Can You Make Your Online Shopping Store a Best Online Shopping Destination

Shopping online in India was never so easy. Thousands of Indian online shopping stores seem to have revolutionised online shopping in India. But according to me only few of them can give you best online shopping experience.
Whether a customer is buying shoes, or looking for prices of Pen Drives and Mobiles phones. It is ultimately ‘the shopping experience’ that matters to customers and also perhaps an USP that online shopping sites owner should keep.
From my experience of shopping online, I have concluded on following key areas, which I feel are few of the many contributing factors that lead to seller’s success.
  • .      Discounts: One of the major factors which I consider before purchasing online is the price discount.

In my case, I had to purchase couple of books for an entrance exam. I went around to several book shops to check the price, but none of them gave me more than 10% discount, thus, I started researching and comparing price over the Internet. I took out time to browse through many shopping sites, but only one store offered me 35% discount. This was the best deal for me and went on to make my final purchase decision at the online store. Many of my friends also look for shopping shoes online, and they consider ‘discounts’ as major attracting factor.

  • .      Hassle-free Checkout: No one likes a lengthy, time-consuming check-out process.

For me, as I selected my books, I went on to check-out; there were many payment options like Credit Card and Internet Banking among others. However, the most viable for me was Cash on Delivery (COD) payment option because I feel assured about the products delivery on time and to a right customer.

  • .       Quick Delivery: This ranks at the top, because every buyer wants to possess the newly purchased product as soon as possible.

He wants to use it as soon as possible. Thus, delay means a bad experience for a shopper. He might develop a sense of ignorance against online shopping and be sceptical thereafter.

In my case, the order was placed, and was confirmed with couple of minutes. After few hours, I got an email that my books were shipped. To my surprise the books were delivered the very next day. I was amazed with the Flipkart’s service. In fact, this experience of mine made me refer this site to many of my colleagues.

Thus, whether it is shopping shoes, cloths or mobile online, customer like me will always consider that parameters listed above. Consider this and make your online shopping store a best online shopping store.


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