Magic of Ayurvedic Products: An Experience

It was last week of May this year. I was back to home after my studies in Bangalore.

After a long and tiring journey, I was letting the bags too, to unwind (an instance of height of my laziness that I broadcast sometimes while I am home)

One fine morning, while I was still asleep, my mother checked one of my bags that lay undisturbed on a chair in the room I was sleeping. She must have been stunned seeing a bunch of colourful cosmetics in it. Consequently she wakes me up:
 “Aare utho ye saab kya hai” (Wake up! What are all these).
“utho..utho...aath baj gaye” (wake-up, wake-up, its 8 O’clock)
“Yeh kya hai? Itne saare cosmetics” (What are these, so many cosmetics packs)

“For pimples and scars Maa” I replied. She sits for a while staring at the cosmetics and drowned in some deep thought. She looked totally perplexed.

Meanwhile, I woke up. Had a glass of water and asked her- “You look lost Maa, what happened?”
After a few seconds, she turns towards me and makes eye-contact for a while. She then narrates me a story—she was a college student and her face was colonised by pimples. She had almost got fed-up of trying various medicines prescribed by a doctor, and also listening to suggestions like ‘do not use soap, as it has strong chemicals’ from her hostel mates.

She was continuing, when a question came to my mind and I gathered courage to interrupt her and ask—“what did you use then?”. “Ayurvedic products” she said in a quick strong voice.
Oh! So, how did you come to know about its use during pimples?
“Your grandmother”,
“You grandmother was firm believer on the goodness of Ayurvedic products, she insisted everyone in the family to use Ayurvedic products and she was against these kind cosmetics that you have now started using.” She informed me.

Hearing our unusual conversation, a couple pigeons on ceiling felt disturbed and flew away.
Now my mother [in a lecture mode] started giving me gyaan (Knowledge) on ‘how the cosmetics I was using have a lot of chemicals and were harmful to my skin’. She, at the same time, told me about an Ayurvedic product, which was a very good medicine for pimples and other skin problems and she, slowly dragged me to the world of Ayurveda.

She told me that when I was a baby I was pampered like a son of a King. Best available food was made for me. The oil, she used to massage my body was locally prepared at home from mustard seeds and the oil was later mixed with garlic and heated. The heated oil was let cool for some time and applied. Stale oil was never used. Every time I had to get massage, the oil was prepared in the same procedure.

After a while, all of sudden, she says hitting my back—“This is the reason why you are so strong now”.
Yes Mom, I am. After all, I am son of a loving and caring queen.
I go close to her and hug her while she patted on my back.

That very day, my mother brought the ayurvedic product for me. I started using it, after few days of using it, pimples on my face vanished gradually.

# This blog post is my entry for ‘Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth’ contest presented by Dabur in association with Indiblogger.


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