Nagaland Declared 'Falcon Capital of the World'

Yes, the topic of this blog post is absolutely correct- Nagaland has been declared 'Falcon Capital of the World'. A group of international scientist from various agencies like Wildlife Institute of India, United Nations Environment Programme and Environment Agency among others.

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The ornitologist team have extimated a about one million Amur Falcons. This was possible by doing a technologically advanced method called sattelite tagging.

If you are interested in knowing more details. Read a news piece here

Contrary to this good news, there an surprising fact too. Thousands of Falcons get killed during their migration to South Africa. Fishing nets are used to capture them and the meat is sold. This is infact a sorrowful story. You can read more news coverage related to this here. Also a NATGEO coverage here

I hope that this announcement by the international team of ornitologist will make people aware about Falcon and the need to conserve bio-diversity.

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