Purchasing Genuine Khadi Products: KHADI MARK is here to assure you genuiness.

Many of us are always prefer to buy Khadi products especially during special occasion like convocation, farewell ceremonies, marriage parties, etc.However, many of you might have observed that many a times you land up buying a duplicate product, i.e., it’s not an original Khadi product.

Now, you need not worry anymore regarding the genuineness of Khadi product because recently President
Photo courtesy: http://www.thehindu.com
Pranab Mukherjee has launched the ‘KHADI MARK’ designed by NID (National Institute of Design) Ahmedabad.

This KHADI MARK initiative was taken by Khadi Reforms and Development program, which receives financial assistance from Asian Development Bank.

A prominent daily reported S K Sinha, director, economic research, KVIC as saying this “The nark reflects the significance of Khadi in India. It will now be on every tag, label, sticker and even identification cards attached to Khadi products. Every tag will have its own sequence number so that we know who has produced it and how to authenticate it.

“Khadi is a philosophy and its simplicity echoes in the design created” said Pradyumna Vyas, Director, NID.
Khadi Mark will be distributed to all weavers, co-operatives, societies, associations and institutions engaged in producing Khadi products all over India.

Well, one can now have peace of mind while buying Khadi products!

If you wish to read more on this visit the news coverage on THE HINDU here.


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