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Comedy Nights With Kapil: A Baba Ji Ka Thullu Story

I am quite sure that almost all fans of Comedy Nights With Kapil show are now fam
ilair with Baba Ji Ka Thullu. (ha ha ha )

Kapil has been making us all laugh like never before. His K9 production house is doing amazing work with its debut production- Comedy Nights With Kapil.

Well, here is my story about my share of Baba Ji Ka Thullu is here:

Yesterday, as I was watching the show, the word (Baba Ji Ka Thullu) was spoken several times by Kapil himself and also other stage actors viz., Dadi, Bua among others. Thus I thought of registering the word-Babajikathullu as a domain name and later create a website. Otherwise, I can park the domain name and sell it later, in case someone crazy like Kapil buys it for a good price. :)

Thus, I started googling the word-{BabaJiKaThullu)
Ailaa...It's already there! Registered. The dot com for the name is already registered and parked. Also a dot net site. :(. The image on the right has domains unavailability).

Domain name already taken by someone…

Vodafone Shortlist Mary Kom as Global Brand Ambassador

Well, it was only cricket and cricket, when it came to high-value endorsements. But this time, it is a five
time World Boxing Champion shortlisted for Vodafone's global brand ambassador.

Mary Kom, the London Olympic bronze medalist and a mother of two has been selected for a role of global brand ambassador for Vodafone's new social media-led brand engagement called 'Vodafone Firsts', which is planned for launch on 2014, starting from London, the place where Kom won her Bronze medal.

I feel this initiative by Vodafone will let other multinational companies to think out-of-box  and choose sportspersons other than cricketers for endorsements.
To read the detailed news coverage click here.

My 20th Birthday And A Brand-New TABLET---A Story of Celebration And Disaster

"You have wasted  hard-earned money of your uncle", my father with much anger commented, after staring at me for few minutes. I sat quiet, in sad mood, at one corner of my bedroom, with my head down and my thoughts just circling on 'should I leave now, hang-out with college mates and be drunk'
My mom enters into the scene saying "You're grown up now, you'll be graduating this year, thus do not behave like a kid. You do not know how to care for your own stuff. How my son be so negligent".
This above scene happened when my brand-new tablet broke. It was presented to me as a gift by my software-geek uncle, who lives in the US, on my 20th birthday. And my uncle had specially turned-up to celebrate my birthday. He was a young chap, when I first saw him decades ago.  My mother often told me at home that he went to the so-called prestigious IIT-Delhi while I was in sixth standard. When he came on my 20th birthday, his hair had almost deserted his unfertil…

When Ambi Pur Was the Reason for Freshness and Happiness!

It was early in the morning, and a group of children had already flocked inside my room. They were staring at high-hung Ambi Pur Set and Refresh. My young cousin proudly explaining his kindergarten batch mates about the fragrance magic gadget- Ambi Pur Set and Fresh.
Kids started asking me "Brother, where did you get it from?" "It's is a gift from Ambi Pur" I replied "Where is this place…Ambipur, brother?" the eldest kid in a bright-yellow shirt asked. "It's not a place, it's a brand name. AMBI PUR." I respond with a big smile on my face. The kid stares at me for a while, perplexed and joins his friends who were now busy reading a comic book.
Young children gathered early morning, and the reason was the Ambi Pur Set. In fact earlier, young children couldn’t gather courage to enter home especially my room whenever I was home. They were told that I was a Policeman.
The above instance is with respect to children, similarly, many of my Dad'…