Comedy Nights With Kapil: A Baba Ji Ka Thullu Story

I am quite sure that almost all fans of Comedy Nights With Kapil show are now fam
ilair with Baba Ji Ka Thullu. (ha ha ha )

Kapil has been making us all laugh like never before. His K9 production house is doing amazing work with its debut production- Comedy Nights With Kapil.

Well, here is my story about my share of Baba Ji Ka Thullu is here:

Yesterday, as I was watching the show, the word (Baba Ji Ka Thullu) was spoken several times by Kapil himself and also other stage actors viz., Dadi, Bua among others. Thus I thought of registering the word-Babajikathullu as a domain name and later create a website. Otherwise, I can park the domain name and sell it later, in case someone crazy like Kapil buys it for a good price. :)

Thus, I started googling the word-{BabaJiKaThullu)
Ailaa...It's already there! Registered. The dot com for the name is already registered and parked. Also a dot net site. :(. The image on the right has domains unavailability).

Domain name already taken by someone else. What did I get?.

Answer: (Baba Ji Ka Thullu)

So, while writing this blog, a new idea that emerged was starting a Baba Ji Ka Thullu Cafe, wherein fans of Kapil would gather,have coffee/ chai, chat and watch Comedy Nights With Kapil. (ha ha ha, funny idea right?)

Enough of my Comedy, over to Kapil, watch the ultimate Kapil's comedy, here is the official YouTube channel of the show(watch all episodes, tensionfree)

By the way, what is Baba Ji Ka Thullu? :P, waiting for your comments  answers in-fact!


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