My 20th Birthday And A Brand-New TABLET---A Story of Celebration And Disaster

"You have wasted  hard-earned money of your uncle", my father with much anger commented, after staring at me for few minutes.
I sat quiet, in sad mood, at one corner of my bedroom, with my head down and my thoughts just circling on 'should I leave now, hang-out with college mates and be drunk'

My mom enters into the scene saying "You're grown up now, you'll be graduating this year, thus do not behave like a kid. You do not know how to care for your own stuff. How my son be so negligent".

This above scene happened when my brand-new tablet broke. It was presented to me as a gift by my software-geek uncle, who lives in the US, on my 20th birthday. And my uncle had specially turned-up to celebrate my birthday. He was a young chap, when I first saw him decades ago.  My mother often told me at home that he went to the so-called prestigious IIT-Delhi while I was in sixth standard. When he came on my 20th birthday, his hair had almost deserted his unfertile scalp, his face plump and red, flat nose just above dense well-trimmed moustache. I hardly could believe him as my uncle after this many years of his absence from my sight. He had changed a lot physically.

"Ye lo beta, tumhara birthday gift", he said as he handed over me a beautiful and richly-coloured packet. I accepted with both my hands. My eyes staring at his brown eyes, while many of my father's colleagues clapped and my best friends greedily stared.

My curiosity level had gone beyond limit- I couldn't wait anymore to open the colourful gift packet.

After all guest had vanished after stomach full of Chapattis  and spicy chicken curry, I quietly sneaked to my room to open my gifts. No doubt, uncle's gift packet was the biggest in size and as I opened it, it was costliest too. It was a hot-selling tablet. 

Wow!, I said and ran toward my parent, who were now cleaning the drawing room.

I suddenly slipped so hard on the floor and I can't imagine to which direction my tablet slipped out of my hand.

"Arrey beta……..sambhalo!!!" screamed my mom in such a loud noise that with few minutes I saw a second gathering of people in our drawing room. I had a great fall. Perhaps, with more intensity than that of Humpty Dumty. I was bandaged on my right hand, which was very fine few hours ago when I cut my cream-filled birthday cake. I got cuts on my lower lip, it was absolutely okay, when I blew candles shaped as  '20' on my birthday cake.

How should I tell you now, what happened to my new TABLET. I feel sad and more shattered. My tablet broke. The screen was no more cute, it now had uncountable cracks. The NEW was now so old that it couldn't be used. It's screen broke like a mirror being hit by a stone. Water had seeped into and filled spaces between the compactly packed gadget as it had fallen into a bucket of dirty water after dashing hard on one of the drawing room's walls.

This was the end of my sad TABLET destroy-story.

Now, when I see the New Lenovo Yoga tablet coming in. I wish I had it before. Had it been the one uncle gifted me, it wouldn't have fallen off my hand, as I would have carried it on HOLD MODE, which I feel is ergonomically designed for the purpose of comfortable and secure holding of the tablet.

As Lenovo YOGA come with additional unique features like TILT and STAND modes, you are offered enhanced Tablet using experience. So, now lie down and TILT it to read more comfortably, STAND it and relax on your arm-chair to watch a latest flick.
Know more about the  Lenovo YOGA TABLET here


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