When Ambi Pur Was the Reason for Freshness and Happiness!

It was early in the morning, and a group of children had already flocked inside my room. They were staring at high-hung Ambi Pur Set and Refresh. My young cousin proudly explaining his kindergarten batch mates about the fragrance magic gadget- Ambi Pur Set and Fresh.

Kids started asking me "Brother, where did you get it from?"
"It's is a gift from Ambi Pur" I replied
"Where is this place…Ambipur, brother?" the eldest kid in a bright-yellow shirt asked.
"It's not a place, it's a brand name. AMBI PUR." I respond with a big smile on my face.
The kid stares at me for a while, perplexed and joins his friends who were now busy reading a comic book.

Young children gathered early morning, and the reason was the Ambi Pur Set. In fact earlier, young children couldn’t gather courage to enter home especially my room whenever I was home. They were told that I was a Policeman.

The above instance is with respect to children, similarly, many of my Dad's colleagues’, whenever they come to my home, they enquire about the fragrance and its origin. My parents then point toward me and credit me for the fragrant work done. I explain them, 'how Ambi Pur came in to my room and how it freshens air around and feel good environment is created'. Also sometimes I detailed them about MRP (Maximum Retail Price) and its availability.

Unlike my young cousin's batch mates and Dad's colleagues, my mother's friends directly came in to my room, ask me to show it to them and explain the anatomy and mechanism of the Ambi Pur Set and Refresh. I feel glad to have explained them successfully. And this was evident from their request to me that I must get them one soon.

It was interesting having one Ambi Pur air freshener in my home- It bought freshness and happiness as well.

This blogspost is written for Ambi Pur Home Range Contest via Indiblogger


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