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My Dream Home

Many of us aspire to build a ‘Dream home’! A place no less than a paradise. As Pliny the Elder has said “Home is where the heart is”. This quote is in fact self explanatory of the value of a perfect home to a person – an amazing place that makes you smile with joy. It should be a place with positive vibes.
I too wish to have one – perfectly designed.  So, here are some of the products that I am choosing to build my dream home. All products are from Porcelanosa (a conglomerate with presence in almost 100 countries)
I’ll start with flooring.
I’ll be choosing the Carrara Blanco ceramic tiles for it is eco-friendly because it is made using substantial amount of recycled materials. There are also variety of granite, limestone, basalt and quartzite. I would prefer each room having different style flooring as it would display diversity and change in colour.
For the walls, I’ll go for ceramic Bluebell White tilesas it’ll perfectly match with the floor ceramics.
Now, let me tell, what kind o…

A Click for Change #ToiletForBabli

The Sanitation problem!
I work in Education sector and I visited many schools across Assam in 2013-14. In one of the schools in Dibrugarh (Assam), I felt embarrassed as I could smell of dirty toilet all around the school campus. Only two toilets were available for around 160 students. Both toilets were dirty and smelly, even regular cleaning of it wouldn’t help. This was a scenario in one school – a semi-government school. It was then when I thought of a social idea – Toilets in Schools. However, the concept is still in ideation stage.
According to me, lack of sanitation facilities is quite obvious in India especially in villages, where open defecation is very common. And, providing sanitation facilities to all its citizens has been a challenge. I have always wondered how this problem can be solved and who has the capacity to take initiative and actually do it. I recently also joined an International Forum - SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance). It discusses issues and organises c…

UGC NET : A Test That Determines Eligibility for JRF and Lecturership

Those who are planning to join the academics in India might be aware of the UGC-NET (University Grants Commission - National Eligibility Test) exam conducted twice every year by University Grants Commission, an academic institution formally established in 1956 with an aim of providing higher education for all.

UGC National Eligibility Test is conducted every year and it determines award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and eligibility to Lecturership in Indian colleges. This test is being conducted since 1984 for JRF, however it has become a common test for JRF and lecturership since 1988.

You can apply for the test, here online. You can also access the UGC NET Previous Years Question Papers, Eligibility, Results, etc.

Healthy Childhood For a Happier Tomorrow!

“Health is wealth” is perhaps one of the most relevant quotes of our times, when there is so much of pollution in the air and water and adulteration in the food we take. Unpredictable weather due climatic changes as a result of global warming has become one of the worst instances in human history.
Due to pollution and frequent weather changes, children are susceptible to fall ill as their immune system isn’t fully developed yet. Thus, it is necessary to protect our children by nurturing them properly and helping them adapt to environment as they grow up.
Healthy children can grow faster: their physical and mental development happens properly and on time. When these happen, a child becomes a happy child and parents also enjoy bringing up their kid. Thus, we can consider it a happy home.
Often, when children fall ill, parents struggle to find a good doctor. Sometimes, it takes quite a good number of days for a child to recover. So, it is always a good idea to take precautions; to take …

How I Managed to Persuade my Boss to Approve My Travel to Home for Diwali!

                                                 #GharWaliDiwali 8th October, 11:00AM

“So, will you come for Diwali?” my best friend asked me.

No, actually I have my flight on 16th October from Guwahati to Mumbai.

“Okay! I wish we could celebrate Deusi together”, He states.

(Deusi – is one of the traditional cultural celebrations that are done during Diwali by Gurkha community.)

I was home for Durga Puja holiday. As I was touring in Assam, I could easily request my office to grant me leave for a week to visit home.

As, I was to return to my office in Mumbai by 16th, I was supposed to celebrate Diwali in Mumbai.
Some friends of mine suggested me to visit Goa during Diwali holiday. What a weird option! Another suggested me to come to Jaipur. But, I had a plan in my mind – to visit Kitab Khana in South Bombay and read as my book I can, and make the best use of my holidays.

The saddest part was my former colleague, who joined Tata Institute for Social Sciences (TISS); Mumbai was also schedu…

Ola Cabs presents cash-free travel with irresistible offer

For all those frequent cab users and also others who might need cab service, here is a good news. Ola Cab is offering Ola Money Diwali Offer. i.e. If you recharge Ola Money account with Rs 300, you get Rs 300 extra as bonus, thus you get ride worth Rs 600. If you recharge 1000, you get 1000 extra.

This is a limited time offer from 30th Sept to 31st October. Visit to register now and recharge your Ola Money account. Read terms and conditions here

Also, you might use referral code GX51BB and get additional Rs 100 Ola Money credited instantly.

The Ola logo is a registered brand owned by ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd

Six Blogs/ Websites That Every Indian Entrepreneur Should Read

Every entrepreneur needs daily feed of start-up news and events of entrepreneurship to keep oneself updated in order to keep track of competition, start-up stories, VC funding, new product and services launches among others.
So, if you are an Indian entrepreneur, here is a list of six blogs/ websites that you cannot afford to miss.
YourStory : Started by Shradha Sharma in October 2008, is great place for all kind start-up news and events. YourStory also hosts TechSparks event annually in different cities of India.
UnLtd India blog: Many of you might have of UnLtd India, an incubator for social entrepreneurs in India. The blog gives interesting insights about the social entrepreneurship scene in India and other interesting stories about social entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneur India :  Entrepreneur parent brand is around 30 years old, and is widely read in the US. Entrepreneur is in India in association with Network 18, a media and entertainment company. Entreprenuer India pre…

6 Productive Things To Do When You Are Totally Bored In Office

Everybody feel bored at some point of time in office. Especially, when are doing some boring stuff like data entry, reading case studies, technical troubleshooting, staring at pie-charts and excel sheets, deleting spam emails, receiving calls from tele-marketers, listening to friend's party story, etc.

Today I was also feeling terribly bored and I thought of writing this post. So, here are 6 tips to be productive when totally bored in office:

1. Take a walk: Sitting can be bad for health, especially when you get anchored at 9 am sharp till lunch and then lunch till you leave office. That's bad for health. So, do not work so hard. Take time off and loiter around the vicinity of your office or just visit your colleagues in other end of the floor.

2. Pin It: All of you might know about Pinterest. Login and browse interesting stuff there. Pin all stuff you love and you might feel good pinning and pinning.

3. Call your Mom: Just dial her number and say hi, say "I wish I was n…

Is Vadapao Indian Burger?

Everytime, I exit Kurla Station in Mumbai, I can see a Vadapao stall just at the last step of the staircase. People munching Vadapao with much interest. Sometime, I also pack two of them and sometimes four of them (one of my colleagues also loves to have them). The best thing about that Vadapao stall is you get the hot vada. Some sauce and sliced pieces of cabbage. It can be rightly called Indian Burger.

So, I was little jobless in office today and thought of researching about Vadapao and found this "The first Vada pav was first sold in Thane, near Mumbai around 1972-1974. The vendor was Mr Babban who invented the same he became so popular in Thane his Vada Pav was known as " Babban Vada Pav" . He is no longer living but his Vada Pav is still sold by his daughter near Charai, Thane west." (source:

Do have Vadapao, when you come to Mumbai.

Mary Kom (Film): Why it is a Must See Movie?

Many of you might know how Omung Kumar thought of making the film, Mary Kom. In one of the shows on television, recently, he confessed that sometime back when he was asked about Mary Kom, he was clueless. He instantly Google(d) Mary Kom, and was surprised to see her credentials: five-time World Amateur Boxing Champion and so many medals and participation in National and International Boxing events. Thus, he decided to make the film. Read Mary's Unbreakable : An Autobiography

I see the film as an documentary, as it captures the struggles and achievement of Olympian Mary Kom. In fact, the movie has a lot of importance from the sociological point of view; the movie has the power to communicate the message to our society, which is still, I feel, is a male-dominated and where women are restricted to doing household chores.  Mary Kom is an embodiment of a versatile lady. And, she has proven how challenges like poverty, geographical backwardness among others gets erased when one has a …

How to Unleash Creativity And Innovation?

Is everyone creative? Many might say, "No". But there's has been instances (Research) wherein it has been provedn that one can build one's creativity.

Well, read the review below, and you might also say "Yes" (if you had "No" type thought)
Last week I spent a lot of time wondering in a big book store in Bombay.Finally, I sat to read a book, Unleashing Creativity and Innovation by Madan Birla, a renowned author who worked with Fedex for 20 years. He has also authored another bestselling book, FedEx Delivers.
For me reading the book was really motivating. It changed my perspective on how I think at my job role.
As I started reading Unleashing Creativity and Innovation, I got fascinated by the language used in the book: crisp and easily comprehensible. Though, the book was listed on Management section at the book store, this book is for anyone interested in unleashing creativity and innovation. Or in other words, this book is a must-read for very p…

Who's Your Favourite Teacher?

5th September it is today. Teacher Day.

I remember D. Dwivedi, my Accountancy teacher, who praised me for every work of mine. He stood for positive reinforcement. He truly appreciated my academic work. He would invite me to his home and ask to coach (basic computer skills) his son. Over a period of time, I performed well on his subject and also took responsibility for my learning on his subject. He was in fact, everyone's favourite-he wouldn't compromise in awarding full marks during unit tests. :)

Another teacher of mine, R G Maskey, a brilliant English teacher. He would appreciate my academic work, encouraged my poetry writings and would provide me bunch of Hindu newspapers and ask me to read editorials. Most students in the class would hate him because they would feel bored hearing stories from him.

With so much of care and guidance from both the teachers. They became my favourite. I had become one their favourite students and a better learner too.

After my story, it your …

Travel for Free: Airbnb is Here with Travel Credits for its Customers

Many of you might of heard of airbnb, a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone.

Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month,Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions. (source:, retrieved on 04/09/2014)

Sign up today to earn travel credits and travel for free.

Gopaisa gives you Cashbacks and Discounts on 300+ Online Shopping Sites

Have you ever wondered how many online shopping sites the World Wide Web has? Countless! there are billions of them today selling products and services online. It's often difficult to keep track of where you can get the best deal for a product or service you want to buy.
So, if you're one of those confused online shoppers,Gopaisa is here to take away you pain and help you gain a memorable shopping experience, discounts and cashbacks.
Gopaisa is an online coupon website specially made to help online shopping community keep track of best deals, avail attractive discounts and unbelievable Cashback every time you shop online.
There are hundreds of attractive discounts and cashback offers; few of them are listed below: INR 1000 cashback on Yatra Hotels booking, 37% OFF on Sony Xperia, FLAT 2000 OFF on Moto G, 10% Cashback on non-electronics on Snapdeal, 7.5% cashback on everything(except electronics) on Flipkart,  So, register now at GoPaisa and get cashbacks & better discounts

Discovering Your Sweet Spot: A Soul-searching Guide for Creating the Life You Really Want

“The profound insights offered in this book will nourish your soul and set you on a life-long path for experiencing deeper happiness. A must-read for anyone seeking answers to the most important questions of life.”  ~ Jennifer Read Hawthorne, co-author, #1 New York Times bestseller Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and The Soul of Success.
As I wondered at Kitab Khana, one of most interesting book stores in India. I happened to have found the book- Discovering Your Sweet Spot : A Soul Searching Guide for Life on their latest releases section. With beautiful and attractive book cover, this book is for anyone who is looking for some motivation and inspiration.  The book itself is a journey for readers that takes them to a interface that tells about the need to lead a more meaningful life(having greater purpose), which perfectly brings in a distinct flavour, which, otherwise seems to have gotten lost in today's competitive world. A leading life coach, Rajiv Vij aims at providing a t…

Have You Observed the Giant Clock in Victoria Terminus?

In one of my return journey from Mumbai CST (or the famous UNESCO World Heritage site- Victoria Terminus), I happened to observe this giant and beautiful clock. And, managed to get a picture of it my phone camera.

Little bit of information about the Heritage:
Mumbai CST is one of the oldest railway terminus in India. It's construction started in May, 1878 and was completed in May, 1888. It took 10 years to build this amazing structure which is kind of amalgamation of Gothic Revival architecture and traditional Mughal buildings. It was built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria.
On 16 April 1853: The historic first passenger train was operated by the Great Indian Peninsular Railway covering distance of 35 KMs between Bori Bunder and Thane.

Some more information:

Architects of Victoria Terminus (VT): Frederick William Stevens and Axel Haig

Architecture Style of VT: Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture.

Cost of construction: INR1614000 (US$27,000)(at that time) Now, INR2…

3 Reasons to Buy a Mobile from Univercell Sync.

I visited Univercell Sync on 23rd of this month, and it was in fact a memorable moment. The aesthetically designed, bright coloured and fresh store gave me feel of happiness. The latest mobiles on 'live mode' and various kinds of mobile accessories were amazing to see.

Customer Experience: For me, I hadn't experienced the Univercell Sync kind of experience before. Though, I had visited many mobile stores by reputed business houses, but I missed the kind of service one gets at Univercell Sync. From trained staffs to clean drinking water, Univercell Sync cares its customer and according to me believes in the philosophy of 'creating happy customers'.

Customer Support: 'Excellent customer support' I would say. Whether it's a Nokia brand or Apple, you need not visit the brand's support centre to get your phone checked/ repaired. You can just walk-in to your nearest Univercell Sync store and get service done. Another reason to smile.

One Day Delivery: You c…

Indian Postal Service: Why Customers are Preferring Private Courier Services

I'm probably writing this out of frustration. I just came back to my office after a walk of around 2 KMs, and spending 17 rupees as auto fare. Visit to Post Office it was. I reached there and found that they service only till 2 PM for Speed Post service (the apparently most advanced mail service by Indian Post).

I had couple of letters(one to Bangalore and other to Kolkata). Well, they weren't so urgent, so I'm not feeling really bad about it.

Why would people go to Indian Post office, when they can get a private courier-wala right next to their home or lane (Except rural areas). I have noticed that they offer free pick-up. You call them , and they come to your home to pick up, and pack the parcel/ letter.

I feel, many customers like me are facing similar issues, and finding a reason to choose private courier service over Indian Postal service.

Now, if I have to visit the post office tomorrow. I'll spend around 50 rupees and some 50 minutes of time. So, in total I spe…

Your blog is being regularly checked!

I haven't updated my blog for sometime. It's been quite long. I have moved from Assam to Mumbai and meanwhile I have been so busy with things that didn't required me to be so.

It was yesterday, a friend of mine calls me to know how I am doing. Later, she mentions 'have you written your blog with new posts?' OMG! . She mentions later, how she checks my blog whenever she connects to the internet. "I do not have internet now and haven't been able to write any posts and also check yours" She adds. I love reading her blog- The Sky and the Hills.

After I discovered that she reads my blog regularly, I found a reason to say her that I'll start writing. I assured her that I'll write like she does- few lines but loaded with meanings.

This post is dedicated to her. Because she motivated me to start writing here.

So, all fellow bloggers, do keep writing, because someone is waiting to read your words.

Keep Blogging!

Moving to Mumbai!- An Experience of researching for a place.

Couple of weeks back, I started researching about 'place to stay' in Mumbai. "It's very costly" is what I had heard from many people whom I had inquired. I wonder, how much we use the search engine to search for information- I totally got confused after few attempts. Some good reviews and some bad. Some source would say- "It's damn costly" (OMG, really?), and some consider Mumbai as the least expensive city in the world (Wow! really?).

After, lot of search. I stopped. Totally confused!

I started consulting my friends and colleagues: One of my school batch-mates, who is pursuing Chartered Accountancy said- "Oh you won't be able to stay with me, I have another friend of mine with me these days". NO ENTRY :D

Another friend, whom I had met during National Science Exhibition in Amravati, now pursuing M. Tech, happily comments- "Oh! are you coming to Mumbai", after listening to my statements-"But, I stay in hostel, no idea ab…

Want to learn Spanish: Duolingo offers engaging and interesting way to learn language

Duolingo offers engaging and interesting way to learn language. I have enrolled for Spanish and finding it really cool.

Also, you can compete with your friends, whom you can invite to enroll and of course, learn together.

Brother Whom Will You Vote: A Conversation With a Class VI Student.

Chintu: Brother whom will you vote? Congress, BJP or Kejriwal?

Me: Didn't reply anything.

Chintu: I'll vote Congress

Me: Why Congress?

Chintu: Because I like.

Me: What do you like?

Chintu: I don't know.

Me: You like them, there should be some reason, right?

Chintu: Because Rahul Gandhi is young and good looking.