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Moving to Mumbai!- An Experience of researching for a place.

Couple of weeks back, I started researching about 'place to stay' in Mumbai. "It's very costly" is what I had heard from many people whom I had inquired. I wonder, how much we use the search engine to search for information- I totally got confused after few attempts. Some good reviews and some bad. Some source would say- "It's damn costly" (OMG, really?), and some consider Mumbai as the least expensive city in the world (Wow! really?).

After, lot of search. I stopped. Totally confused!

I started consulting my friends and colleagues: One of my school batch-mates, who is pursuing Chartered Accountancy said- "Oh you won't be able to stay with me, I have another friend of mine with me these days". NO ENTRY :D

Another friend, whom I had met during National Science Exhibition in Amravati, now pursuing M. Tech, happily comments- "Oh! are you coming to Mumbai", after listening to my statements-"But, I stay in hostel, no idea ab…

Want to learn Spanish: Duolingo offers engaging and interesting way to learn language

Duolingo offers engaging and interesting way to learn language. I have enrolled for Spanish and finding it really cool.

Also, you can compete with your friends, whom you can invite to enroll and of course, learn together.

Brother Whom Will You Vote: A Conversation With a Class VI Student.

Chintu: Brother whom will you vote? Congress, BJP or Kejriwal?

Me: Didn't reply anything.

Chintu: I'll vote Congress

Me: Why Congress?

Chintu: Because I like.

Me: What do you like?

Chintu: I don't know.

Me: You like them, there should be some reason, right?

Chintu: Because Rahul Gandhi is young and good looking.