Moving to Mumbai!- An Experience of researching for a place.

Couple of weeks back, I started researching about 'place to stay' in Mumbai. "It's very costly" is what I had heard from many people whom I had inquired. I wonder, how much we use the search engine to search for information- I totally got confused after few attempts. Some good reviews and some bad. Some source would say- "It's damn costly" (OMG, really?), and some consider Mumbai as the least expensive city in the world (Wow! really?).

After, lot of search. I stopped. Totally confused!

I started consulting my friends and colleagues: One of my school batch-mates, who is pursuing Chartered Accountancy said- "Oh you won't be able to stay with me, I have another friend of mine with me these days". NO ENTRY :D

Another friend, whom I had met during National Science Exhibition in Amravati, now pursuing M. Tech, happily comments- "Oh! are you coming to Mumbai", after listening to my statements-"But, I stay in hostel, no idea about the rents, and I don't think apartments are available for rent in this area. I will get information from my friends and get back to you." COOL!

Anyways, I have plans to see the scenario by myself, once I visit Mumbai. :)

photo credit: <a href="">Eustaquio Santimano</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>


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