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Discovering Your Sweet Spot: A Soul-searching Guide for Creating the Life You Really Want

“The profound insights offered in this book will nourish your soul and set you on a life-long path for experiencing deeper happiness. A must-read for anyone seeking answers to the most important questions of life.”  ~ Jennifer Read Hawthorne, co-author, #1 New York Times bestseller Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and The Soul of Success.
As I wondered at Kitab Khana, one of most interesting book stores in India. I happened to have found the book- Discovering Your Sweet Spot : A Soul Searching Guide for Life on their latest releases section. With beautiful and attractive book cover, this book is for anyone who is looking for some motivation and inspiration.  The book itself is a journey for readers that takes them to a interface that tells about the need to lead a more meaningful life(having greater purpose), which perfectly brings in a distinct flavour, which, otherwise seems to have gotten lost in today's competitive world. A leading life coach, Rajiv Vij aims at providing a t…

Have You Observed the Giant Clock in Victoria Terminus?

In one of my return journey from Mumbai CST (or the famous UNESCO World Heritage site- Victoria Terminus), I happened to observe this giant and beautiful clock. And, managed to get a picture of it my phone camera.

Little bit of information about the Heritage:
Mumbai CST is one of the oldest railway terminus in India. It's construction started in May, 1878 and was completed in May, 1888. It took 10 years to build this amazing structure which is kind of amalgamation of Gothic Revival architecture and traditional Mughal buildings. It was built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria.
On 16 April 1853: The historic first passenger train was operated by the Great Indian Peninsular Railway covering distance of 35 KMs between Bori Bunder and Thane.

Some more information:

Architects of Victoria Terminus (VT): Frederick William Stevens and Axel Haig

Architecture Style of VT: Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture.

Cost of construction: INR1614000 (US$27,000)(at that time) Now, INR2…

3 Reasons to Buy a Mobile from Univercell Sync.

I visited Univercell Sync on 23rd of this month, and it was in fact a memorable moment. The aesthetically designed, bright coloured and fresh store gave me feel of happiness. The latest mobiles on 'live mode' and various kinds of mobile accessories were amazing to see.

Customer Experience: For me, I hadn't experienced the Univercell Sync kind of experience before. Though, I had visited many mobile stores by reputed business houses, but I missed the kind of service one gets at Univercell Sync. From trained staffs to clean drinking water, Univercell Sync cares its customer and according to me believes in the philosophy of 'creating happy customers'.

Customer Support: 'Excellent customer support' I would say. Whether it's a Nokia brand or Apple, you need not visit the brand's support centre to get your phone checked/ repaired. You can just walk-in to your nearest Univercell Sync store and get service done. Another reason to smile.

One Day Delivery: You c…

Indian Postal Service: Why Customers are Preferring Private Courier Services

I'm probably writing this out of frustration. I just came back to my office after a walk of around 2 KMs, and spending 17 rupees as auto fare. Visit to Post Office it was. I reached there and found that they service only till 2 PM for Speed Post service (the apparently most advanced mail service by Indian Post).

I had couple of letters(one to Bangalore and other to Kolkata). Well, they weren't so urgent, so I'm not feeling really bad about it.

Why would people go to Indian Post office, when they can get a private courier-wala right next to their home or lane (Except rural areas). I have noticed that they offer free pick-up. You call them , and they come to your home to pick up, and pack the parcel/ letter.

I feel, many customers like me are facing similar issues, and finding a reason to choose private courier service over Indian Postal service.

Now, if I have to visit the post office tomorrow. I'll spend around 50 rupees and some 50 minutes of time. So, in total I spe…

Your blog is being regularly checked!

I haven't updated my blog for sometime. It's been quite long. I have moved from Assam to Mumbai and meanwhile I have been so busy with things that didn't required me to be so.

It was yesterday, a friend of mine calls me to know how I am doing. Later, she mentions 'have you written your blog with new posts?' OMG! . She mentions later, how she checks my blog whenever she connects to the internet. "I do not have internet now and haven't been able to write any posts and also check yours" She adds. I love reading her blog- The Sky and the Hills.

After I discovered that she reads my blog regularly, I found a reason to say her that I'll start writing. I assured her that I'll write like she does- few lines but loaded with meanings.

This post is dedicated to her. Because she motivated me to start writing here.

So, all fellow bloggers, do keep writing, because someone is waiting to read your words.

Keep Blogging!