3 Reasons to Buy a Mobile from Univercell Sync.

I visited Univercell Sync on 23rd of this month, and it was in fact a memorable moment. The aesthetically designed, bright coloured and fresh store gave me feel of happiness. The latest mobiles on 'live mode' and various kinds of mobile accessories were amazing to see.

Customer Experience: For me, I hadn't experienced the Univercell Sync kind of experience before. Though, I had visited many mobile stores by reputed business houses, but I missed the kind of service one gets at Univercell Sync. From trained staffs to clean drinking water, Univercell Sync cares its customer and according to me believes in the philosophy of 'creating happy customers'.

Customer Support: 'Excellent customer support' I would say. Whether it's a Nokia brand or Apple, you need not visit the brand's support centre to get your phone checked/ repaired. You can just walk-in to your nearest Univercell Sync store and get service done. Another reason to smile.

One Day Delivery: You can order your mobile online at http://www.univercell.in/ and pick it up at a store near to you. This in an excellent feature Univercell offers you.
Univercell Sync is a mobile and mobile accessories store, where you can experience mobiles. You can visit their stores following states:
1. Tamil Nadu
2. Karnataka
3. Telangana
4. Andhra Pradesh
5. Kerala
6. Maharashtra

Click here to find out showrooms in the above given states.


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