Indian Postal Service: Why Customers are Preferring Private Courier Services

I'm probably writing this out of frustration. I just came back to my office after a walk of around 2 KMs, and spending 17 rupees as auto fare. Visit to Post Office it was. I reached there and found that they service only till 2 PM for Speed Post service (the apparently most advanced mail service by Indian Post).

I had couple of letters(one to Bangalore and other to Kolkata). Well, they weren't so urgent, so I'm not feeling really bad about it.

Why would people go to Indian Post office, when they can get a private courier-wala right next to their home or lane (Except rural areas). I have noticed that they offer free pick-up. You call them , and they come to your home to pick up, and pack the parcel/ letter.

I feel, many customers like me are facing similar issues, and finding a reason to choose private courier service over Indian Postal service.

Now, if I have to visit the post office tomorrow. I'll spend around 50 rupees and some 50 minutes of time. So, in total I spend around 100 rupees and 75 minutes of time mailing two documents. Contrary to this, a private courier service would cost me around 50 rupees, and perhaps free pick-up of the documents.

But, Income Tax department, like many other Indian Government departments want you to send them applications/ ITR froms/ documents, etc only using Indian Postal Service. If you opt for private couriers, your documents will/ might get rejected.

Well, I'll visit the post office tomorrow. Because, I do not want my document to be rejected. :)
Update: 28-09-2014

And, I visited the post office and sent the documents. Good service it was. Indian Postal services is one of the best services, though.


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