Your blog is being regularly checked!

I haven't updated my blog for sometime. It's been quite long. I have moved from Assam to Mumbai and meanwhile I have been so busy with things that didn't required me to be so.

It was yesterday, a friend of mine calls me to know how I am doing. Later, she mentions 'have you written your blog with new posts?' OMG! . She mentions later, how she checks my blog whenever she connects to the internet. "I do not have internet now and haven't been able to write any posts and also check yours" She adds. I love reading her blog- The Sky and the Hills.

After I discovered that she reads my blog regularly, I found a reason to say her that I'll start writing. I assured her that I'll write like she does- few lines but loaded with meanings.

This post is dedicated to her. Because she motivated me to start writing here.

So, all fellow bloggers, do keep writing, because someone is waiting to read your words.

Keep Blogging!


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