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Ola Cabs presents cash-free travel with irresistible offer

For all those frequent cab users and also others who might need cab service, here is a good news. Ola Cab is offering Ola Money Diwali Offer. i.e. If you recharge Ola Money account with Rs 300, you get Rs 300 extra as bonus, thus you get ride worth Rs 600. If you recharge 1000, you get 1000 extra.

This is a limited time offer from 30th Sept to 31st October. Visit to register now and recharge your Ola Money account. Read terms and conditions here

Also, you might use referral code GX51BB and get additional Rs 100 Ola Money credited instantly.

The Ola logo is a registered brand owned by ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd

Six Blogs/ Websites That Every Indian Entrepreneur Should Read

Every entrepreneur needs daily feed of start-up news and events of entrepreneurship to keep oneself updated in order to keep track of competition, start-up stories, VC funding, new product and services launches among others.
So, if you are an Indian entrepreneur, here is a list of six blogs/ websites that you cannot afford to miss.
YourStory : Started by Shradha Sharma in October 2008, is great place for all kind start-up news and events. YourStory also hosts TechSparks event annually in different cities of India.
UnLtd India blog: Many of you might have of UnLtd India, an incubator for social entrepreneurs in India. The blog gives interesting insights about the social entrepreneurship scene in India and other interesting stories about social entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneur India :  Entrepreneur parent brand is around 30 years old, and is widely read in the US. Entrepreneur is in India in association with Network 18, a media and entertainment company. Entreprenuer India pre…

6 Productive Things To Do When You Are Totally Bored In Office

Everybody feel bored at some point of time in office. Especially, when are doing some boring stuff like data entry, reading case studies, technical troubleshooting, staring at pie-charts and excel sheets, deleting spam emails, receiving calls from tele-marketers, listening to friend's party story, etc.

Today I was also feeling terribly bored and I thought of writing this post. So, here are 6 tips to be productive when totally bored in office:

1. Take a walk: Sitting can be bad for health, especially when you get anchored at 9 am sharp till lunch and then lunch till you leave office. That's bad for health. So, do not work so hard. Take time off and loiter around the vicinity of your office or just visit your colleagues in other end of the floor.

2. Pin It: All of you might know about Pinterest. Login and browse interesting stuff there. Pin all stuff you love and you might feel good pinning and pinning.

3. Call your Mom: Just dial her number and say hi, say "I wish I was n…

Is Vadapao Indian Burger?

Everytime, I exit Kurla Station in Mumbai, I can see a Vadapao stall just at the last step of the staircase. People munching Vadapao with much interest. Sometime, I also pack two of them and sometimes four of them (one of my colleagues also loves to have them). The best thing about that Vadapao stall is you get the hot vada. Some sauce and sliced pieces of cabbage. It can be rightly called Indian Burger.

So, I was little jobless in office today and thought of researching about Vadapao and found this "The first Vada pav was first sold in Thane, near Mumbai around 1972-1974. The vendor was Mr Babban who invented the same he became so popular in Thane his Vada Pav was known as " Babban Vada Pav" . He is no longer living but his Vada Pav is still sold by his daughter near Charai, Thane west." (source:

Do have Vadapao, when you come to Mumbai.

Mary Kom (Film): Why it is a Must See Movie?

Many of you might know how Omung Kumar thought of making the film, Mary Kom. In one of the shows on television, recently, he confessed that sometime back when he was asked about Mary Kom, he was clueless. He instantly Google(d) Mary Kom, and was surprised to see her credentials: five-time World Amateur Boxing Champion and so many medals and participation in National and International Boxing events. Thus, he decided to make the film. Read Mary's Unbreakable : An Autobiography

I see the film as an documentary, as it captures the struggles and achievement of Olympian Mary Kom. In fact, the movie has a lot of importance from the sociological point of view; the movie has the power to communicate the message to our society, which is still, I feel, is a male-dominated and where women are restricted to doing household chores.  Mary Kom is an embodiment of a versatile lady. And, she has proven how challenges like poverty, geographical backwardness among others gets erased when one has a …

How to Unleash Creativity And Innovation?

Is everyone creative? Many might say, "No". But there's has been instances (Research) wherein it has been provedn that one can build one's creativity.

Well, read the review below, and you might also say "Yes" (if you had "No" type thought)
Last week I spent a lot of time wondering in a big book store in Bombay.Finally, I sat to read a book, Unleashing Creativity and Innovation by Madan Birla, a renowned author who worked with Fedex for 20 years. He has also authored another bestselling book, FedEx Delivers.
For me reading the book was really motivating. It changed my perspective on how I think at my job role.
As I started reading Unleashing Creativity and Innovation, I got fascinated by the language used in the book: crisp and easily comprehensible. Though, the book was listed on Management section at the book store, this book is for anyone interested in unleashing creativity and innovation. Or in other words, this book is a must-read for very p…

Who's Your Favourite Teacher?

5th September it is today. Teacher Day.

I remember D. Dwivedi, my Accountancy teacher, who praised me for every work of mine. He stood for positive reinforcement. He truly appreciated my academic work. He would invite me to his home and ask to coach (basic computer skills) his son. Over a period of time, I performed well on his subject and also took responsibility for my learning on his subject. He was in fact, everyone's favourite-he wouldn't compromise in awarding full marks during unit tests. :)

Another teacher of mine, R G Maskey, a brilliant English teacher. He would appreciate my academic work, encouraged my poetry writings and would provide me bunch of Hindu newspapers and ask me to read editorials. Most students in the class would hate him because they would feel bored hearing stories from him.

With so much of care and guidance from both the teachers. They became my favourite. I had become one their favourite students and a better learner too.

After my story, it your …

Travel for Free: Airbnb is Here with Travel Credits for its Customers

Many of you might of heard of airbnb, a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone.

Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month,Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, Airbnb is the easiest way for people to monetize their extra space and showcase it to an audience of millions. (source:, retrieved on 04/09/2014)

Sign up today to earn travel credits and travel for free.

Gopaisa gives you Cashbacks and Discounts on 300+ Online Shopping Sites

Have you ever wondered how many online shopping sites the World Wide Web has? Countless! there are billions of them today selling products and services online. It's often difficult to keep track of where you can get the best deal for a product or service you want to buy.
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