6 Productive Things To Do When You Are Totally Bored In Office

Everybody feel bored at some point of time in office. Especially, when are doing some boring stuff like data entry, reading case studies, technical troubleshooting, staring at pie-charts and excel sheets, deleting spam emails, receiving calls from tele-marketers, listening to friend's party story, etc.

Today I was also feeling terribly bored and I thought of writing this post. So, here are 6 tips to be productive when totally bored in office:

1. Take a walk: Sitting can be bad for health, especially when you get anchored at 9 am sharp till lunch and then lunch till you leave office. That's bad for health. So, do not work so hard. Take time off and loiter around the vicinity of your office or just visit your colleagues in other end of the floor.

2. Pin It: All of you might know about Pinterest. Login and browse interesting stuff there. Pin all stuff you love and you might feel good pinning and pinning.

3. Call your Mom: Just dial her number and say hi, say "I wish I was near you sipping a cup of tea/ coffee". Ask her how's she doing. Tell her about your ongoing projects and the last event you went to.

4. Write a poem: Most easiest thing in the world. Shut down your laptop, move your eyes away from the bright screen. Drag your small notebook, take your pen and play with words, place them as you wish and create a poem looking at a distance, looking at people gazing continuously on computer screen, etc. You can do it!

5. Music: Go Jango! Listen to online radio Jango. You'll love it.

6. TeaInnovation: New word! Confused? Well, it's Tea+Innovation. Head to the tea counter. Make your own tea. Try innovating your cup of tea: put some eclairs instead of sugar or make very kadak chai. also, you might try coffee and tea, cocktail. Few of my friends have tried tea-coffee cocktail and they say it's amazing. Do comment me, if you need a recipe for it.

So, now you have good reasons to feel bored. Let me know what you feel about these (not so) productive tasks! :)

Feeling bored is not a crime. A Right to Boredom(RTB) initiative.


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