How to Unleash Creativity And Innovation?

Is everyone creative? Many might say, "No". But there's has been instances (Research) wherein it has been provedn that one can build one's creativity.

Well, read the review below, and you might also say "Yes" (if you had "No" type thought)

Last week I spent a lot of time wondering in a big book store in Bombay.Finally, I sat to read a book, Unleashing Creativity and Innovation by Madan Birla, a renowned author who worked with Fedex for 20 years. He has also authored another bestselling book, FedEx Delivers.

For me reading the book was really motivating. It changed my perspective on how I think at my job role.

As I started reading Unleashing Creativity and Innovation, I got fascinated by the language used in the book: crisp and easily comprehensible. Though, the book was listed on Management section at the book store, this book is for anyone interested in unleashing creativity and innovation. Or in other words, this book is a must-read for very professional in any organisation with any kind of job role. It talks about how Madan himself climbed up the corporate ladder and at one point of time became a leader. He gives examples of corporate and corporate leaders from across the world. Also, it includes a good collection of quotes by world famous CEOs and founders, beautifully placed in each lesson. This book is a perfect treasure for everyone's bookshelf.

The book is easy to read, and the formatting style is very relaxing and helps you get summary of each chapter before you jump to the next.

You can be sure of learning following things, after reading the book:
  • Guaranteed promotions: two words that can ensure it,
  • Managing internal and external negative influences. These influences are against creative energy flow,
  • Tips on unleashing creative potential and creative ideas,
  • Tips on building effective communication skills to speak your ideas,
So, of you are interested in reading few sample pages of the book. You can get it here.


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