Is Vadapao Indian Burger?

Everytime, I exit Kurla Station in Mumbai, I can see a Vadapao stall just at the last step of the staircase. People munching Vadapao with much interest. Sometime, I also pack two of them and sometimes four of them (one of my colleagues also loves to have them). The best thing about that Vadapao stall is you get the hot vada. Some sauce and sliced pieces of cabbage. It can be rightly called Indian Burger.

So, I was little jobless in office today and thought of researching about Vadapao and found this "The first Vada pav was first sold in Thane, near Mumbai around 1972-1974. The vendor was Mr Babban who invented the same he became so popular in Thane his Vada Pav was known as " Babban Vada Pav" . He is no longer living but his Vada Pav is still sold by his daughter near Charai, Thane west." (source:

Do have Vadapao, when you come to Mumbai.


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