Mary Kom (Film): Why it is a Must See Movie?
Many of you might know how Omung Kumar thought of making the film, Mary Kom. In one of the shows on television, recently, he confessed that sometime back when he was asked about Mary Kom, he was clueless. He instantly Google(d) Mary Kom, and was surprised to see her credentials: five-time World Amateur Boxing Champion and so many medals and participation in National and International Boxing events. Thus, he decided to make the film. Read Mary's Unbreakable : An Autobiography

I see the film as an documentary, as it captures the struggles and achievement of Olympian Mary Kom. In fact, the movie has a lot of importance from the sociological point of view; the movie has the power to communicate the message to our society, which is still, I feel, is a male-dominated and where women are restricted to doing household chores. 
Mary Kom is an embodiment of a versatile lady. And, she has proven how challenges like poverty, geographical backwardness among others gets erased when one has a strong will and determination to succeed. 

Though, the Times of India reports that there has been 55% decline in box office bookings after the first Friday, I feel Mary Kom(Film) is a must-see movie, not for only entertainment, but to listen to a story and spread the message to your friends, relatives and children.

I wonder, whether the movie will achieve the box office success. But the movie has already succeeded in spreading message across the nation through its trailers on television network. I am quite sure young children(also the grown-ups) of India are now more aware of Mary Kom, and many might have Googled (like the director) Mary Kom and read more about her.

So, take some time from your busy schedule and listen to Mary Kom's story in a cinema near you before other releases dominate the screens.

Additionally, you might read her book, Unbreakable : An Autobiography, which was released in 2013.


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