Who's Your Favourite Teacher?

5th September it is today. Teacher Day.

I remember D. Dwivedi, my Accountancy teacher, who praised me for every work of mine. He stood for positive reinforcement. He truly appreciated my academic work. He would invite me to his home and ask to coach (basic computer skills) his son. Over a period of time, I performed well on his subject and also took responsibility for my learning on his subject. He was in fact, everyone's favourite-he wouldn't compromise in awarding full marks during unit tests. :)

Another teacher of mine, R G Maskey, a brilliant English teacher. He would appreciate my academic work, encouraged my poetry writings and would provide me bunch of Hindu newspapers and ask me to read editorials. Most students in the class would hate him because they would feel bored hearing stories from him.

With so much of care and guidance from both the teachers. They became my favourite. I had become one their favourite students and a better learner too.

After my story, it your turn now. Let me ask just one question: who's your  favourite teacher? Why did s/he became your favourite teacher. Let me through your comments.

Also, you might want to read this brilliant book Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. Click here to read sample chapters of the book . If you have already read the book, do me know thoughts on it.


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