Healthy Childhood For a Happier Tomorrow!

“Health is wealth” is perhaps one of the most relevant quotes of our times, when there is so much of pollution in the air and water and adulteration in the food we take. Unpredictable weather due climatic changes as a result of global warming has become one of the worst instances in human history.

Due to pollution and frequent weather changes, children are susceptible to fall ill as their immune system isn’t fully developed yet. Thus, it is necessary to protect our children by nurturing them properly and helping them adapt to environment as they grow up.

Healthy children can grow faster: their physical and mental development happens properly and on time. When these happen, a child becomes a happy child and parents also enjoy bringing up their kid. Thus, we can consider it a happy home.

Often, when children fall ill, parents struggle to find a good doctor. Sometimes, it takes quite a good number of days for a child to recover. So, it is always a good idea to take precautions; to take preventive measures. It is often advised that children should be given clean water to drink, because often children do not know which water to drink. There are chances that they might drink water which is easily accessible and it might not be clean.

Apart from serving clean water, healthy food should be given to children. Nowadays, there are lot of supplementary foods available in the market. Choose the most suitable one, as it is necessary to maintain balanced diet for children. High-sugar food might cause obesity. Research findings say that there has been high number of obese children.

Good food always makes children healthier and as they grow, their immune system gets stronger. As they become adult, their immune system protects them from various diseases. So, growing into a healthy adult is also making a healthy home. A home free of illness is what everyone wishes for. And the wish can be true when childhood is nurtured through healthy foods.

Let’s take an instance here. If Mr A wants his child to attend school regularly and grow up to become a healthy adult. Mr A’s child should be nurtured in a manner that he gets protection during his childhood. As food is one of the most important elements towards becoming a healthy adult. Mr A may always serve healthy food. Suppose the child always get cough and cold during rains, and then Mr A can feed Dabur Chawanprash to his child. It is very useful in improving immunity and works as protective shield for your child. So, why worry when there is a preventive measure you can take. It is very useful for growing children, as it helps the immune system to become stronger.

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