How I Managed to Persuade my Boss to Approve My Travel to Home for Diwali!

8th October, 11:00AM

“So, will you come for Diwali?” my best friend asked me.

No, actually I have my flight on 16th October from Guwahati to Mumbai.

“Okay! I wish we could celebrate Deusi together”, He states.

(Deusi – is one of the traditional cultural celebrations that are done during Diwali by Gurkha community.)

I was home for Durga Puja holiday. As I was touring in Assam, I could easily request my office to grant me leave for a week to visit home.

As, I was to return to my office in Mumbai by 16th, I was supposed to celebrate Diwali in Mumbai.
Some friends of mine suggested me to visit Goa during Diwali holiday. What a weird option! Another suggested me to come to Jaipur. But, I had a plan in my mind – to visit Kitab Khana in South Bombay and read as my book I can, and make the best use of my holidays.

The saddest part was my former colleague, who joined Tata Institute for Social Sciences (TISS); Mumbai was also scheduled to leave by 15th October, as they finish their first Semester exam on 14th. And she comes back only after a month – after finishing around 10 days of internship with a social organisation in Udaipur. I was getting prepared, mentally, about my loneliness in the big and busy city.


10th October, 11AM

I call my boss.


“Hello Bikash, how are things going?”

Everything’s fine. I am in a training today.

“So, you had good time at home during the Durga puja holiday?”

Yes, some amount of good time!

“So, are you feeling happy about it?”

Clueless on what to reply

(After a while)


“Why, what happened Bikash! Is everything alright?”

Yes, all is good.

“So, are you excited about coming back to Bombay?”


“So you won’t be able to celebrate Diwali at home?”

Hmm... Yes!

I wish I had booked my ticket for dates, after Diwali

“But, Bikash, 16th was finalised by us after you agreed to it, and the fare was also reasonable then”

Yes, I can understand. Now, fares have gone high.

“What’s the fare?”

Around 10K to 12K.

“Ohh, that’s pretty high”

“Otherwise, you could have gone home for Diwali after coming here and working for a week”

In my mind: ‘Just for 4 working days, why should I go Bombay and come back home’ and the airfare is too high!

“Anyway, Bikash, what are you thinking? Will you come or...”

Yes, 80% I feel I should come, but 20% of my feeling has been influenced by my friends and relatives, who wished I was with them during Diwali.

“Yes, I can understand! But, Bikash, you understand the workload”


“So, why don’t you do one thing – Call your parents to Bombay during Diwali"

In my mind: how can I call them, Mom is still recovering from joint pain. And, what will sister and brother do alone at home during Diwali.

No! It’s not possible

“But Why?”

Because, mother is recovering, and we have cattle at home and they should be looked after properly.


“Okay...Bikash, let me know what you decide by evening”.

I didn't not call him in the evening.


14th October, 8:30 AM

The previous night I checked fare – Gau to Bom, for dates after Diwali. 7K fare by Jet Airways. Via Delhi flight. Wow! The 20% influence by my friend and relatives suddenly becomes more than 50% and I felt more convinced to write an email to my boss that I am coming only after Diwali

Early morning, around 11AM, I call up another boss of mine whom I report directly. Her phone goes unanswered.

I wrote an email stating that I am not coming to Bombay on 16th, I will come on 28th (because of cheapest fare) and I mention date-wise work plan except for holidays. Sent.

After few minutes, my phone rang. Boss calling!

“Hi Bikash, I saw the email. Well, I consider that you want to be with family during Diwali, but you can understand the workload ? Already, it’s been around a month since you have been to Assam. So will you be able to do the extra amount of work for there?”

Yes, I can work.

“And what is the fare for another date: after Diwali date?

It’s around Rs. 7,500

“Okay fine, I will talk to another senior colleague and will confirm you”

After 20 minutes of wait, my phone rings again.


“Hi Bikash, so he said it’s okay. However you need to be very much updated with work, and should also complete all the pending tasks”

“And, this is an exception, we are giving you. Please do not put across this type of request again”

“Also, you’ll have to pay the difference of the fare. And, if it is a small cost, you can talk about it during the time of reimbursement.”


“Achha tell me, why are you not coming on 27th, Monday?”

Because, the fare is cheapest only on 28th

“How much is it?”

Rs. 7,500


“Okay, go ahead book the ticket before the fare rises. Also send me a task list of what you will do in coming days. Date wise, except for the holidays."

I quickly booked my new ticket for 28th October, after cancelling the old one.

Finally, after an hour long talk. My request was accepted. I got an approval to spend Diwali at home, with my parents, siblings, friends and relatives.

And, I am waiting to share this story with them!

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