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My Dream Home

Many of us aspire to build a ‘Dream home’! A place no less than a paradise. As Pliny the Elder has said “Home is where the heart is”. This quote is in fact self explanatory of the value of a perfect home to a person – an amazing place that makes you smile with joy. It should be a place with positive vibes.
I too wish to have one – perfectly designed.  So, here are some of the products that I am choosing to build my dream home. All products are from Porcelanosa (a conglomerate with presence in almost 100 countries)
I’ll start with flooring.
I’ll be choosing the Carrara Blanco ceramic tiles for it is eco-friendly because it is made using substantial amount of recycled materials. There are also variety of granite, limestone, basalt and quartzite. I would prefer each room having different style flooring as it would display diversity and change in colour.
For the walls, I’ll go for ceramic Bluebell White tilesas it’ll perfectly match with the floor ceramics.
Now, let me tell, what kind o…

A Click for Change #ToiletForBabli

The Sanitation problem!
I work in Education sector and I visited many schools across Assam in 2013-14. In one of the schools in Dibrugarh (Assam), I felt embarrassed as I could smell of dirty toilet all around the school campus. Only two toilets were available for around 160 students. Both toilets were dirty and smelly, even regular cleaning of it wouldn’t help. This was a scenario in one school – a semi-government school. It was then when I thought of a social idea – Toilets in Schools. However, the concept is still in ideation stage.
According to me, lack of sanitation facilities is quite obvious in India especially in villages, where open defecation is very common. And, providing sanitation facilities to all its citizens has been a challenge. I have always wondered how this problem can be solved and who has the capacity to take initiative and actually do it. I recently also joined an International Forum - SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance). It discusses issues and organises c…

UGC NET : A Test That Determines Eligibility for JRF and Lecturership

Those who are planning to join the academics in India might be aware of the UGC-NET (University Grants Commission - National Eligibility Test) exam conducted twice every year by University Grants Commission, an academic institution formally established in 1956 with an aim of providing higher education for all.

UGC National Eligibility Test is conducted every year and it determines award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and eligibility to Lecturership in Indian colleges. This test is being conducted since 1984 for JRF, however it has become a common test for JRF and lecturership since 1988.

You can apply for the test, here online. You can also access the UGC NET Previous Years Question Papers, Eligibility, Results, etc.