My Dream Home

Many of us aspire to build a ‘Dream home’! A place no less than a paradise. As Pliny the Elder has said “Home is where the heart is”. This quote is in fact self explanatory of the value of a perfect home to a person – an amazing place that makes you smile with joy. It should be a place with positive vibes.

I too wish to have one – perfectly designed.  So, here are some of the products that I am choosing to build my dream home. All products are from Porcelanosa (a conglomerate with presence in almost 100 countries)

I’ll start with flooring.

I’ll be choosing the Carrara Blanco ceramic tiles for it is eco-friendly because it is made using substantial amount of recycled materials. There are also variety of granite, limestone, basalt and quartzite. I would prefer each room having different style flooring as it would display diversity and change in colour.

For the walls, I’ll go for ceramic Bluebell White tiles as it’ll perfectly match with the floor ceramics.

Now, let me tell, what kind of products my bathroom will have: I want bathroom to be an interesting place, apart from the usual utility of it, It would be a place to think as well. So for bathroom furniture, I will go for In Roble Sabana furniture, as it has good storage capacity and it's great design makes the bathroom look spacious. For shower, I would choose Giro Rain Shower as it looks beautiful and ready to give one a refreshing shower after a hectic day at work. For Taps, I’ll go for Essence C as it looks slim and trendy and for Basin, I am choosing Modul, It looks wide and spacious.

So, after flooring and bathroom, it's time to choose products for a perfect kitchen. Kitchen will be one of the most important corners in house and also it has to match with the design and accessories in the house. So, I’ll go for ‘G500 / G575 Blanco Brillo G670 Roble Camel Vintage as Kitchen Furniture, the bright colour and elegant design is great. It also looks comfortable to do any kind of daily chores of the kitchen. Worktop, I will choose is KRION Kitchen Worktop; It has superior chemical resistance and is perfect for any kind of kitchen work. The product is Food Grade certified by UNE-EN ISO 1186 standard and has anti-bacterial properties. Also KRION offers products in many colours, thus I can choose to suit my need.

Now, I’ll design my wardrobe cum dressing room: I am choosing Natura Roble Marengo dressing room cum wardrobe. It’s spacious and offers many storage options for my belongings.

My dream home looks elegant now, but I would choose more products from Porcelanosa as per my need.

Wait! Are you also looking for a luxury dream home that I am planning to build? Kotle-Patil Developers Ltd can fulfil your wish. Visit for more details.


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