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Shopping for Kids in a New Way

I can remember the days when I used to order books and electronics online. Most of my University friends also did the same. However, gradually things started changing. With many e-commerce sites coming up, they were offering more product categories like clothing, household items and now even groceries.
The e-commerce landscape has evolved very fast and it is still evolving to delight customers and provide best value in terms of price and quality.
Well, keeping the above information in context, I will talk about something that is very interesting – parents are now shopping for toys online. I will present some data here:

#1 – Barbie
#2 – Mickey Mouse
#3 – Chhota Bheem
#4 – Superman
#5 – Motu Patlu 

·Beyblade Spinners
·Shenshou Cubes
·Rubik’s Cubes
·Talking Tom
·English Learner Laptop

·United Colors of Benetton
So, the data speaks of how shopping for kids is changing, parents are going online. With children becoming conscious and atta…

My Favourite City, Delhi and its Drive, Design and Connect.

My first flight Jet Airways 9W 608 landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport on 28th May 2008. In 2008, I had just graduated from my high school and was looking for pursuing higher education in Delhi.
My School principal Mr. Kannan had suggested my father to send me to Delhi for my higher studies. According to him Delhi offered flexibility of working part-time and also pursue an undergraduate degree. Working part-time means, I could self-finance my education. And, also gain some work experience.
My father found the idea very realistic and support my decision to move to Delhi. I, along with one of my friends from school took flight to Delhi.
I pursued my undergraduate degree and also worked part-time at few places like domestic call centre and coffee shop.
After I finish my undergraduate degree in English literature. I qualified an entrance exam, and pursued post-graduate programme.
Today, I feel it was Delhi that gave me so much exposure that it changed my course of life and m…

How McCAIN French Fries and Smiles became favourite in my home?

One evening when Sneha, my better half, served me French Fries for my evening snack, I was surprised to have had such a delicious fries. As I remember I only had French fries at fast food stores prior to that. After Sneha had served me amazing French fries at home, one won’t believe, I started having French fries very often and it became my favourite snack time food.
Later that When I asked Sneha about the French fries, she told me about the food brand 'McCAIN Foods'. As I was working on my computer, Sneha gave me the empty packet of McCAIN French Fries and asked me to also read the packet.

I didn't pay any heed to the packet, rather thought of being smart.

Curiosity has no limits, I started researching McCAIN on Google, I discovered that McCAIN is a leading producer of French Fries and other potatoes delicacies. Its products are marketed in 160 countries, making McCAIN truly a world leader in frozen food market. Surprised? learn more about McCAIN Foods at: http://www.mcc…

NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences) in Bangalore

NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences) in Bangalore serves as a centre for mental healthcare and academics. Recognising the contribution and it's position, it has been declared 'Deemed University' in 1994
NIMHANS has a vision "to be a world lead er in the area of Mental Health and Neurosciences and evolve state-of-the-art approaches to patient care through translational research".

The adress of the institution is here:  Hosur Road, Lakkasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029.
This institute also offers online OPD. You can book appointments at
One can check about departments, admissions, careers and more about NIMHANS at
This is an government institution, so it provides affordable mental healthcare. Do share this with people in need

The Entertainment Freedom: Record, Transfer and Carry Your Entertainment!

Prologue: In my 1BHK  apartment in Kurla (East), Romal (my room-mate) and I, like millions of other TV viewers, fight for remote. Because our favourite shows on TV airs, co-incidentally, on same timing. Also, we miss out many of our favourite shows during weekends.
But, with Tata Sky's new product TATASky Transfer, you have the command over every show. You're now the broadcaster, because you can record, transfer and watch it anytime, anywhere. Truly, it's an Entertainment Freedom. *** Few weeks back, after reaching my apartment, I said to my room-mate - 'Record, Transfer and Carry Your Entertainment, Romal!'
"What?"  He said, in response to my above statement, holding the remote in his hand, becoming aware that I might snatch it.
To satisfy his "What?" reaction, I sat down with him to explain him the latest and first-of-its-kind product from Tata Sky - the TATASky Transfer.
Since, we both go out on weekends, we generally miss out our favourite show…

Winter in Delhi

Winter is Delhi is about happiness. During my undergraduate days at University of Delhi, I had amazing experiences. Read ahead to feel them.:)

In those days, winter came with its own goodies - Gajar ka halwa and Warm Gulab Jamun at a temporary stall set-up by elderly uncle. Hanging around his stall during late in the night used to be an ultimate pleasure. Steamed momos with spicy chutney was another awesome food. Gupta's burger infact was better than Dunkin's or McD's burger (Hygiene-wise it may be questionable).
Walking on empty streets and finding one ice-cream walla used to be a joy. "paanch rupaiya wala sabse mehenga ice-cream dena" was the phrase we funnily used while ordering lic-lollic ice-cream. (It still comes for five rupees)
Stray dogs would take refuge under cars and other vehicles. It was a luxury for them as cars protected them from the chilling Delhi winter as they cars' engine took time to cool.
Vegetable market near to our colony used to hav…

Learning Guitar - Few Important Tips for Beginners

One might wonder, how come personal experience got into professionally blogging about guitar. But,
I too wonder on the same idea.

Recently I have research so many websites and YouTube channels on learning guitar, a only word I can say is "There's so MUCH". Yes, in fact, there is so much of material that it is easy to get lost in the crowd of materials and guitarists. You will easily feel tired and won't have energy to play guitar (just kidding).

So, this post comes with an urge to help beginner guitar players with these following tips (not tricks):

Choosing Guitar (What's you budget dude!): Set your budget, ask other guitar players you know what you can get at the budget. OR a simple theory is visit a decent shop and browse through guitar display they have a ask for the MRP, try them all (test drive) and buy the one that suits your budget size. After all you will be coming back with more money to buy a better guitar. I bought my first guitar at INR 5600.
Follow O…

Learning Guitar - Is This the Most Easy Way?

I started learning guitar informally way back in 2012 after I joined PG programme in Bangalore. Prior to this, I had very little know-how about the guitar.

During the time, I had a craze to play "Iktara" song from the movie 'Wake Up Sid!'. I started learning with playing the G chord, and then C and D. G was quite easy followed by C. However playing D was really tough initially. However, with practice, I learnt to play. And recently I learnt the proper finger placement.

So, I never went to formal Guitar school or a trainer. However, I had a mentor who was my friend and we started a informal learning session wherein he mentored us and gave us initial guitar lessons. It was infact very inspiring - because he taught us about the parts of guitar, the chord theory among others.

It is quite obvious that we generally tend to hate theoritical stuff. Same happened with learning the theory of guitar. I never kept notes of it and gradually forgot about it. I wish I had kept a n…

Uber in Guwahati - Will the Giants Smash the Minis?

With launch of Uber in Guwahati and there other cities in India might have become a success milestone in the books of Uber Technologies. At the same time, books of other local operators like Prime Cabz, Pristine Cabs, Swiss Cabs, Rhino One Green Cab among others. Prime Cab, which apparently started before Uber started operations India, looks prone to getting hit by the giant.
Guwahati has few cab service provider started by city-based entrepreneurs. Prime Cab has been one of the front runners in the area until Ola and now Uber came into play. I have taken few ride with Prime Cab and had good experiences - transparent pricing, soft-spoken and friendly cabbies and punctual. 
Well with two giants (Uber and Ola) in taxi hailing service coming in, I am doubtful about how far can they fight the competition. After-all they do not have the billion dollar funding and expertise to grab back their share or expand to other cities and towns.
One the other side, customers now need the comfort of b…

BNLF 2015 - IndiBlogger’s most disruptive conference!

I have been part of Indiblogger for sometime now. It has been an amazing experience, apart from other achievements, being able to write on a regular basis is a habit that Indiblogger community has helped me attain over the years.
BNLF (Blog Now, Live Forever) 2015 Conference is yet another innovation by Indiblogger team in the blogger arena. I am really excited about this event. With best of the best in the Industry coming together, this event is going to be a most disruptive conference.
As I browsed through the BNLF site, the elements that are favourite to me are as follows:
Keynote Speakers: Everyone loves hearing from people who have achieved breakthroughs. It is just inspiring and gives positive vibes. At BNLF 2015, Bruce Dickinson, Preeti Shenoy, Jeff Bullas among others will be giving Keynotes. Isn't it exciting? The full list of speakers is here.Blogging Fraternity is here: This conference will have everyone from blogging fraternity - Bloggers, Content creators, Content marke…

5 Reasons Why You Must Watch the Movie - Manjhi : Mountain Man

Ketan Mehta, the director of the movie Manjhi himself stated that making the film was like making a mountain. Indeed, the movie is a great piece of art, which stands tall as a testimony of hard-work, patience and imagination. After all it tells us a story that can move mountains.

Here are five reasons why you MUST watch the movie.

True Story: This film is based on a story of Dashrath Manjhi. A man who relentlessly worked for 22 years to build a roadway through a mountain connecting Atri and Wazirganj blocks of Gaya. The road shortened the distance to just 15 KMs which was earlier 55 KMs.Hard-work, Passion and Determination: This movie demonstrates how hard-work, passion and determination can move mountains.Fabulous Acts: Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte showcase their best in them, they have so aptly done their roles that audience will be glued to the screen.NFDC produced: This movie is produced by NFDC (National Film Development Corporation). A national corporation which "aims…

Fly the new feeling – My Vistara Experience

Travelling on India's newest full service carrier was an amazing experience - delicious food on board, courteous staff and thoughtfully created in-flight magazine.
I am not a frequent flyer, however I do keep notice of every small thing that pertains to service quality and overall customer experience.
For this travel, I'll share my experience in five specific areas as given below:
Check-in: This was really simple and hassle free. As Vistara fly from Terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), the check-in area is elaborate and adequately staffed.
Baggage: Staff at check-in counter are very courteous, they ask and confirm whether you baggage contains any fragile items. My guitar was properly handled and personally handed over to me at Delhi airport.
Boarding: There was proper announcement and arrangement for boarding for each class.
In-flight Dining: Ah! I was surprised. Amazing food and in fact I learnt that the menu is planned every week.
In flight announcemen…

Dream With Your Eyes Open

Many of you must be aware about the latest book by UTV founder Ronnie Screwvala. The book - Dream With Your Eyes Open was released few days back. It should be an interesting read on entrepreneurship. The introduction to the book by Screwvala himself assures that reader will get insights into how he got into entrepreneurship and there was no looking back. You can check out his YouTube channel here and feel inspired.
This book is about “It can be done". and not "I did it"
You can read the sample of the book here.

Simple Things that Make me Happy

Like Coco-Cola, I also feel that happiness is something that brings smile to our face; this is because we smile only when we are happy. Happiness is a much required element as it gives us strength to be what we are.
Here I am listing down things that make me happy:
1.Listening to Music – I love listening to music, especially when it comes to hearing fresh Coke Studio music on YouTube channel.  I get to see the real music talent and the brilliant creativity coming together and making beautiful music – that surely makes one happy. I feel happy the way musicians express themselves on the platform and make their audience feel the music that they create. Often I start my day hearing to a good song. I also blog about music.
2.Writing Blog post – This is another thing that makes me feel happy. Whenever I create a good post and publish it, I feel happy. The happiness increases when I get good comments from friends. Many times friends also help me in improving my writing. Thus, I earn smiles a…

Being #together gives strength, optimism and happiness

Marine Drive, Mumbai | September, 2014
My friends and I were sitting at Marine Drive and we were discussing about each other’s work profile. Also, staring at lovely crowd all around – people are with friends and families to spend the weekend.
 I think friends and families give us much required strengths and motivation for us – to work harder and remain focused on our work.
“Hey guys, let’s take a Selfie” Romal said.
We all stood together and said cheese. With few minutes the picture was up on Facebook and it started getting comments from many of my friends.
The reason behind getting quick comments was that the photo was uploaded with a description like these – “Get together for Bikash’s placement party. Fifteen lakhs annual package. It’ll be a party day everyday, now on…”
I was placed with consultancy firm that manages advertising and PR for many top apparel brands. I was happy because it was my first job. My family members were looking forward to my placement and they were happy to he…

My Decision to Pursue Career in Education Sector

After completing my B.A. in English literature, I decided to pursue M.A. in Education. I was clueless initially, but I got meaning as I engaged with the course.
Here I am narrating an instance, which stands as a #StartANewLife experience. -- “I am leaving the school” was the reply of Sunil, who is a student at the School. The reply came when I asked him “Do you like the school”. He also replied that he liked the school but his parents perceived that their son played a lot rather than study at this school. His parents are migrant construction workers, who migrated from Kerala.
I was happy seeing him play in a smart way and talking in English, fluently. Later, I found it difficult to analyse, ‘how could one help in Sunil’s retention at school?’, ‘how to change the perception of his parents?’ In fact these are very tough questions for me, and as I write this piece, I am pondering and thinking about Sunil and his ‘leaving the school’ real story. I asked him to work hard and told him that it w…

Hope and Happiness during my 27th Birthday

Mumbai | February, 2014
“Bye, see you!” She said as she accelerated Scooter and left for office as usual. It was 7:30 am in the morning, and I was just half-awake from my sleep.
“Yes, see you soon, bye” I said, rubbing my eyes while yawning like a lion. I stood still for few minutes and walked back to the room - to continue my sleep.
Sneha, my better half works for an organisation, which is engaged in educating children from poor families. And I work for a business controlled by a rich family. She works full day and mine is night shift, thus we never find much time for each other. When I come home at 3:30 am, I am like dream to her and when she comes after work at 5 pm, she can only get fragrance of the deodorant that I spray before I board my cab to office.
We do a quick chat after she comes home to check whether she had her lunch.
Months passed by and both of us kept busy with our work life. There was no looking back. Taking a month of holiday was not possible because the home loan EMI k…

I am saying bye to my old car and getting a new through Quikr

I still remember how terrible experience it was selling my Maruti Suzuki 800 in 2006. Apart from posting a costly advertisement on Assam Tribune's classifieds - this took around a week to get finally published. And, I got some 20 calls on my landline, and it was a so irritating experience that I gifted the old car to one of my family friend, who used it occasionally to train young boys in my town. 
I am a professional in Education sector. I am moving to Mumbai for 2 years. Living in a big city often means owning more materials for one’s comfort. For instance, I will have to buy a new television, sound system, acoustic guitar, shelf, two bean bags, and mattress. Now, with free classifieds sites like Quikr, I won’t carry the stuff that I already have. I can sell them all by posting a simple ad on Quikr, free of cost and get a good amount of money selling the used goods. And this is what I will do with my old car- sell it on Quikr. With the chat feature on Quikr, it is so convenient t…

Why I love #OlaCabs?

Yesterday, I was in Colaba causeway area and I had to get back to Chembur. Understanding the high rush in local trains both Central and Harbour line, I thought of booking a cab, I wondered for several minutes on whether to book Uber or Ola. I tried doing both, but finally I choosed Ola because for the
convenience of booking through a call and feature to pay through Ola Money (I had decent amount of Ola Money balance)

While I was struggling to download Uber in my friend's Windows phone, It said the app is not compatible. I tried few times, and finally stopped browsing Uber site.

As I called Ola Cabs call centre, my cab was confirmed withing few minutes, and I got cab details. My cab arrived exactly on time, and the driver called me at 8:30PM (the time for which the cab was ordered). My friend and I had a comfortable ride back to Chembur. We did a lot of selfie during the ride.

This was one of the most beautiful #Olacabs ride experience. Thank you Olacabs team for making the service …