Why I love #OlaCabs?

Yesterday, I was in Colaba causeway area and I had to get back to Chembur. Understanding the high rush in local trains both Central and Harbour line, I thought of booking a cab, I wondered for several minutes on whether to book Uber or Ola. I tried doing both, but finally I choosed Ola because for the
convenience of booking through a call and feature to pay through Ola Money (I had decent amount of Ola Money balance)

While I was struggling to download Uber in my friend's Windows phone, It said the app is not compatible. I tried few times, and finally stopped browsing Uber site.

As I called Ola Cabs call centre, my cab was confirmed withing few minutes, and I got cab details. My cab arrived exactly on time, and the driver called me at 8:30PM (the time for which the cab was ordered). My friend and I had a comfortable ride back to Chembur. We did a lot of selfie during the ride.

This was one of the most beautiful #Olacabs ride experience. Thank you Olacabs team for making the service so convenient and beautiful. Thank you Mr Bhavish for this innovation!


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