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Simple Things that Make me Happy

Like Coco-Cola, I also feel that happiness is something that brings smile to our face; this is because we smile only when we are happy. Happiness is a much required element as it gives us strength to be what we are.
Here I am listing down things that make me happy:
1.Listening to Music – I love listening to music, especially when it comes to hearing fresh Coke Studio music on YouTube channel.  I get to see the real music talent and the brilliant creativity coming together and making beautiful music – that surely makes one happy. I feel happy the way musicians express themselves on the platform and make their audience feel the music that they create. Often I start my day hearing to a good song. I also blog about music.
2.Writing Blog post – This is another thing that makes me feel happy. Whenever I create a good post and publish it, I feel happy. The happiness increases when I get good comments from friends. Many times friends also help me in improving my writing. Thus, I earn smiles a…

Being #together gives strength, optimism and happiness

Marine Drive, Mumbai | September, 2014
My friends and I were sitting at Marine Drive and we were discussing about each other’s work profile. Also, staring at lovely crowd all around – people are with friends and families to spend the weekend.
 I think friends and families give us much required strengths and motivation for us – to work harder and remain focused on our work.
“Hey guys, let’s take a Selfie” Romal said.
We all stood together and said cheese. With few minutes the picture was up on Facebook and it started getting comments from many of my friends.
The reason behind getting quick comments was that the photo was uploaded with a description like these – “Get together for Bikash’s placement party. Fifteen lakhs annual package. It’ll be a party day everyday, now on…”
I was placed with consultancy firm that manages advertising and PR for many top apparel brands. I was happy because it was my first job. My family members were looking forward to my placement and they were happy to he…

My Decision to Pursue Career in Education Sector

After completing my B.A. in English literature, I decided to pursue M.A. in Education. I was clueless initially, but I got meaning as I engaged with the course.
Here I am narrating an instance, which stands as a #StartANewLife experience. -- “I am leaving the school” was the reply of Sunil, who is a student at the School. The reply came when I asked him “Do you like the school”. He also replied that he liked the school but his parents perceived that their son played a lot rather than study at this school. His parents are migrant construction workers, who migrated from Kerala.
I was happy seeing him play in a smart way and talking in English, fluently. Later, I found it difficult to analyse, ‘how could one help in Sunil’s retention at school?’, ‘how to change the perception of his parents?’ In fact these are very tough questions for me, and as I write this piece, I am pondering and thinking about Sunil and his ‘leaving the school’ real story. I asked him to work hard and told him that it w…

Hope and Happiness during my 27th Birthday

Mumbai | February, 2014
“Bye, see you!” She said as she accelerated Scooter and left for office as usual. It was 7:30 am in the morning, and I was just half-awake from my sleep.
“Yes, see you soon, bye” I said, rubbing my eyes while yawning like a lion. I stood still for few minutes and walked back to the room - to continue my sleep.
Sneha, my better half works for an organisation, which is engaged in educating children from poor families. And I work for a business controlled by a rich family. She works full day and mine is night shift, thus we never find much time for each other. When I come home at 3:30 am, I am like dream to her and when she comes after work at 5 pm, she can only get fragrance of the deodorant that I spray before I board my cab to office.
We do a quick chat after she comes home to check whether she had her lunch.
Months passed by and both of us kept busy with our work life. There was no looking back. Taking a month of holiday was not possible because the home loan EMI k…