Being #together gives strength, optimism and happiness

Marine Drive, Mumbai | September, 2014

My friends and I were sitting at Marine Drive and we were discussing about each other’s work profile. Also, staring at lovely crowd all around – people are with friends and families to spend the weekend.

 I think friends and families give us much required strengths and motivation for us – to work harder and remain focused on our work.

“Hey guys, let’s take a Selfie” Romal said.

We all stood together and said cheese. With few minutes the picture was up on Facebook and it started getting comments from many of my friends.

The reason behind getting quick comments was that the photo was uploaded with a description like these – “Get together for Bikash’s placement party. Fifteen lakhs annual package. It’ll be a party day everyday, now on…”

I was placed with consultancy firm that manages advertising and PR for many top apparel brands. I was happy because it was my first job. My family members were looking forward to my placement and they were happy to hear this – especially my pay package.

I was not happy with my first job. Thus, I decided to sit a little far away from my friends.

All of sudden, Romal taps on my back and say “Hey Bikash, what are you thinking?”

I replied, “nothing much, but somehow, I feel I am not happy with the offer”

“Fifteen lakhs! And you are not happy? CRAZY FELLOW” He frowns at me.

“It’s not about the fifteen lakhs, Romal! It’s about the work! The work that I will have to do there isn’t interesting at all. I just have to be mechanical. Just sit morning to evening, drink coffee and stare at a laptop. I think I am not interested to go for this desk job. That’s it!” I gave this very long reply to Romal.

Romal walks away.

[Few Minutes later]

Romal comes back with five other friends, who were busy at another place till the time Romal asked them to come to check me out.

“Hey what happened? Why have you become sentimental? Romal told us everything”, all of them, except Romal said one after another.

They started hugging me, patting on my back and started consoling me.

Aditi, one of the most senior among all of us asked me if I can talk to her for few minutes. I agreed to her. Aditi and I took few steps and settled comfortably on a bench. As Aditi was most senior, everyone of us respected her the most. So, I thought other five wouldn't come.

[A moment later]

Surprisingly, other five friends also followed us and sat with us.

We all were sitting together. Everyone except me was stunned by my sentimental mood.

Aditi holding my hand said – “Bikash! Listen to me! Not everyone in this world is always happy their first job…not even second, third…fourth or maybe fifth and sixth. Many people retire without having an exciting career. You are young, very young. Younger than me (she smiles a little after this sentence). You have so much opportunity coming up. As of now, just go for this job –experience and see what it takes to work for an employer. See what’s there in the industry you are joining in. Who knows you might start loving your work and one day start a company? Isn’t it fascinating? And, I know you were always interested in the area of entrepreneurship! Why don’t you just join the company, work for couple of years, keep some savings and start your own things- a software consultancy firm? You can do it Bikash! I believe in you! Why don’t you believe yourself?

“Yes we all believe in you Bikash” – all five friends said this in unison.

“Hmm…” I said and wiped my cheeks – few drops of tears had already rolled down my cheeks. 

Aditi’s advice was really filled with optimism, confidence and strength – It inspired me.

Now, I was feeling stronger and optimistic about my first job role – I was feeling ready to join and explore the opportunity.

[Few hours later]

We all had dinner together and left for home.

This was a most memorable day with friends in Mumbai. The day truly tells the power of friendship and the beauty of being #together.

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