Hope and Happiness during my 27th Birthday

Mumbai | February, 2014

“Bye, see you!” She said as she accelerated Scooter and left for office as usual. It was 7:30 am in the morning, and I was just half-awake from my sleep.

“Yes, see you soon, bye” I said, rubbing my eyes while yawning like a lion. I stood still for few minutes and walked back to the room - to continue my sleep.

Sneha, my better half works for an organisation, which is engaged in educating children from poor families. And I work for a business controlled by a rich family. She works full day and mine is night shift, thus we never find much time for each other. When I come home at 3:30 am, I am like dream to her and when she comes after work at 5 pm, she can only get fragrance of the deodorant that I spray before I board my cab to office.

We do a quick chat after she comes home to check whether she had her lunch.

Months passed by and both of us kept busy with our work life. There was no looking back. Taking a month of holiday was not possible because the home loan EMI kept us worrying each month. As we all aspire to own a good home. I got one after a good amount of planning.

One day, as I opened the main door slowly, I noticed an unusual scene. My home was decorated as if it was Diwali. Beautiful colourful blinking lights, fragrance of Jasmine and Roses, beautiful soothing instrumental music in low volume was on the air inside the home.

“Sneha” I called-out in a slow tone. No reply came from inside the house.

“Sneha, are you here” I repeated.

“Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you...” song starts...

I see Sneha walk towards me in a beautifully draped pink Sari with a small cake, with candles shaped as number 27 in the middle of it.

I smiled. It was months that my cheeks hadn’t stretched this way forming deepest dimples of the year. I looked in her eyes and moved towards here.

“Hey hero, stop wondering, now put-off the candles, I am hungry” She says fast paced.

I diligently accepted her request and soon we were munching the cake.

“So, you know to make cakes?” I asked.

“Yes, I learnt today, it was my debut cake, how was it for you” She replied.

"And do you know home much I love cakes?" I questioned again without saying whether I liked my birthday cake made by here.

"Yes, I know and it is the reason that I learnt to make cakes!" She exclaimed with joy.

“Totally delicious, the best cake I ever had” I commented.

That was a small birthday celebration of mine after many years - a perfect birthday, in fact. I only have faded memories of celebrating my birthday in school, when I used to distribute sweet candies to all my batch-mates and teachers.

I paced towards nearest wash basin to wash my face, while I heard Sneha say these words in a melodic tone:
“Here is a birthday gift for my birthday man”

She presents me a calendar having selected photographs of her and mine on every month.

“Oh! Cool, this is very beautiful, thanks a lot Sneha” I commented.


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