My Decision to Pursue Career in Education Sector

After completing my B.A. in English literature, I decided to pursue M.A. in Education. I was clueless initially, but I got meaning as I engaged with the course.

Here I am narrating an instance, which stands as a #StartANewLife experience.
“I am leaving the school” was the reply of Sunil, who is a student at the School. The reply came when I asked him “Do you like the school”. He also replied that he liked the school but his parents perceived that their son played a lot rather than study at this school. His parents are migrant construction workers, who migrated from Kerala.

I was happy seeing him play in a smart way and talking in English, fluently. Later, I found it difficult to analyse, ‘how could one help in Sunil’s retention at school?’, ‘how to change the perception of his parents?’ In fact these are very tough questions for me, and as I write this piece, I am pondering and thinking about Sunil and his ‘leaving the school’ real story. I asked him to work hard and told him that it was education that would take him to the next level.

This school is in fact a place perfectly made to nurture child in a free environment: open classrooms, thoughtfully designed assessments, friendly teachers (rather day-time parents) contributed child’s development in a smooth pace and peace.

The overall mix of students was in the ratio 60:40, 60 per cent from the so-called affluent class and the 40 per cent from economically weaker section. All students mingled well and played to their heart content. Some did the clay modelling and some gardening. Some loved to dribble and throw the basketball during all free hours. In fact, students had has made new game and it is very interesting. They taught us the rules and we played with them for a while.

Tuesday was the day when I visited the alternative school, most of the students for the senior section had gone out for museum visit. So we could only observe few students and a very few classes.

However we got to interact with the Art teacher to a great extent. She narrated about her career as an Art teacher and how she was assigned to design curriculum for art for a leading private school in north India. She also told us about her experiences with students during her days at New Delhi.

She smiled about how students used to come to her art classroom and spend time painting and drawing. She said many students were inclined towards art and painting but family pressure had made them choose science and engineering. She also narrated success stories of Dentist-turned-artist, who was her student, and now was based in the US. She said the dentist guy was apparently fed up of investigating dirty mouths of patients and so decided to open his own art gallery.

She told us about how the trend in higher education is changing, people from are now choosing art and painting as career, it is now considered as good subjects. The stereotyping in the past against these subjects has vanished. The commercial value of art has boomed and it is an industry in itself. She said “people are now investing in art and painting”

This is one of the episodes at a school that gives me confidence about how my choice to pursue M.A. Education has brought change in my life - I have become a person, who has taken a responsibility to serve students like Sunil.

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